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Tend to Your Heart, Water Your Happiness

Flourishing Happiness with an Abundance of Sunshine

Now that you're here, I want you to smile. Laugh even, if you'd like. Happiness is reactive. Once you simply think about being happy, reactors go off, and your whole mood, aura, and groove is thrown into this party of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. In this moment, I want you to realize that you have complete and absolute control of your happiness- regardless of the mishaps of today and yesterday. Life is hard, I know. And when you're continuously tripping over the weeds that grow beneath your feet, you succumb to the cyclical nature of pessimism. But, never underestimate the power of perseverance. The war against the wickedness that surrounds you is a far more pressing war to be fought than any another, and it is one you can thrive upon. You are a sphere of sunshine in the midst of decaying weeds.

Significant amount of research has been conducted stating that pessimism and anger can cause great detriment to your health, yet why is it that we continue to manifest that negativity? You are independent of your problems; you do not need them to function, nor do they exist if you do not engross yourself in them. I know it's easier said than done, but to detach from negative concepts, and controlling how you perceive the situation, will not only benefit the outcome, but also your health by promoting longevity, a superb immune system, and the fight against stress. You have a captivating world at the palm of your hands, do you really want to cut your time short fretting over the small stuff? There is power in numbers, and at one point you thought you only had a spoonful of problems to swallow, but now you’re facing a buffet, and you do not know how to stomach it all. But, this is me reaching out to you to tell you what you need to hear: one at a time. Not every problem needs to be fixed at once, so focus on the more salient ones, and as Bob Marley said it best, “every little thing will be alright.”

I am not saying to ignore your problems, or dust them under the carpet, no. That would be irresponsible and self-hindering. No, I want you to face those problems head on, with every piece of amour you have, but with a smile and cheer. A tranquil, concentrated person with problems is far better off than a frustrated, worn out person.

Do whatever it take to get your happy pants on!!! Call a friend, snuggle with your pet, go to the coast, take a drive, watch a movie, absolutely anything that makes your heart perk up. You must want to live in this world exuberantly. Your first foot forward has to be one with fervor, and you must look at every day as a waking opportunity to breathe in the fresh air, and live. We live in an opportunistic world, you just have to dive in and find the opportunity that sings your tune. I want you to invite the world into your body; let the rivers run through your veins, grow a forest in your heart, and have the ocean as your brain. Let the people of this world motivate you to growing a sense of humanity greater than the hate you have inherited day after day. Fuel the energy you had towards the negativity, and rekindle it to actually living! You have to need a new founded philosophy of life- one of your own, and not the constructs that society forms. It is your life, your choices, but make the right ones and live a beautiful life with a welcoming heart so you can simply enjoy the gift of your opportunity.

You need two wings to fly- one of happiness and one of want. 

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Tend to Your Heart, Water Your Happiness
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