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Emily Burkard20 days ago
Be the Difference in an Indifferent World
No one told you life would be easy, but they never really explained that it would be this hard. Growing up, you have been told as you get older that you will face many hardships, so you should enjoy y...
Benjamin Raven21 days ago
I think most people when they think about faith, they think of it being a religious thing and often use the word as a noun, as in “My faith is such and such church.” But faith is so much more. You nee...
Rick Beneteau21 days ago
The Great White Yacht
My intention was to write this article with a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to express. But you know what they say about intentions, at least good ones? I came out to my balcony with laptop in to...
Jerome Shaw22 days ago
Failure Is an Experiment
No one ever really fails
Rick Beneteau25 days ago
The Missing Cornerstone of Success
A Hero is someone who, the moment prior to becoming one, was a reckless, irresponsible dreamer. Risk None, Gain Nothing. I wrote the above while in deep reflection, mulling over whether I was truly pr...
Jessica Circea month ago
Harnessing Disappointment
It didn't work out the way I wanted it to, in fact it went horribly wrong. Couldn't have gone worse! Today as I sat in front of my laptop anxiously waiting for my first webinar to begin, I thought I h...
S. E. Gregorya month ago
The Myth of the Overnight Success Story
If you’re anything like me, you’ve been working on your novel (or a series of novels, or several stand-alone novels) for many, many years. And you probably have friends that know this. Or maybe they’r...
Lovey McDonalda month ago
My Soldier
The Definition of "Best Friend"
Monte Madera month ago
The Road to Galway
I was up late writing some music in October when I got a text from my friend Emily asking if I was free for a call. Not unusual, except that this friend was currently traveling in Ireland shooting a s...
Ambi Ambitiona month ago
Successful Goal Setting: 4 Secrets You Need to Know
Ambition is the strong desire to do or achieve something through determination and hard work. It’s in our mundane nature to hold high hopes in what we want most in life, but we seldom ever see anythin...
Lindsay Wa month ago
D.R.E.A.M like Nothing Else Matters
Today, I wanted to share with you an idea, a thought that I have had, many times throughout my life, about having a dream, or a vision in life and pursuing it like nothing else matters. From all of th...
Debi Hammonda month ago
Creating Happy Waves
One of my most favorite quotes—“Why Just Float through Life When You Can Make Waves,” was my mantra when I was in my twenties, and it was my first written design. My business, Creating Happy has been ...
Celebrate Small Successes—Always!
I attended a street party in our street last weekend to celebrate the birthdays of three neighbours and it was a great excuse to get together. I met a guy at the party called Joe who was known by some...
Angie Craig2 months ago
Are You Ready for That Carer Change
Are you ready for that carer change, and create that incredible life you have always dreamed about? If you want an incredible life, you must be prepared to walk away from the very thing you don’t want...
Mahn Lion2 months ago
Practical Ways to Get Sh*t Done.
Here’s how to get shit done: Look at when you’re most productive and build systems to replicate it. It’s really that simple.
A Mohamud2 months ago
Say Yes and Figure It Out Later!
"Say yes now and figure it out later!" That quote should ring bells whenever one hears them. You're not alone in thinking this, if you do agree: generally, most people would love to act on this quote,...
Kristi Jacobsen2 months ago
Podcasts Changed My Life
Do you remember the days when to learn something, you either had to listen to a talk radio show or find a book on the topic? When education meant sitting through a lecture in a classroom? I may be a m...