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Jerome Shaw17 hours ago
The Will Smith Method
When hard work beats talent
El Deane2 days ago
The Object of Desire
A friend pointed out a rather profound observation that Scrat of the Ice Age movies was so possessive and controlling over his acorn, that it caused him a considerable amount of pain. This of course i...
Brendan Blowers2 days ago
These 3 Traits Will Make You Unstoppable
To be successful in anything you have to have skills—that's true. However, all the skills in the world won't get you where you want to be in life until you learn to master these three crucial traits. ...
Roy Skillen3 days ago
Grit Will Always Beat Talent
You can't talk about greatness in boxing or sport without discussing Muhammed Ali. To most fans, he is the pinnacle of the pugilistic arts. The way he fought had never been seen before in the heavywei...
Matt Membrino4 days ago
You Are the Most Important Aspect of Your Life!
They say that you must help others in order to become a better person. Well, I personally think that is as far from the truth as you could possibly get. No one knows your mind, body, or spirit like yo...
Brendan Blowers5 days ago
The Don Draper Success Plan
Don Draper of Mad Men is one of the most memorable characters to fill television screens in a long time. He's been the subject of plenty of essays about American masculinity and the culture of the 196...
Jen Cooper8 days ago
How Do You Want to Be Remembered?
Our time on Earth is finite, and so the time spent in the company of any particular other is also finite. People come and go in life. People die. They move away. They move on. And so, of course, does ...
Jen Cooper8 days ago
How to Get Out of Bed
Waking up in the morning, the day can loom ahead of you like Mount Everest. More often than not, my mornings have begun with the, sometimes unbearable, weight of knowledge that once I climb out of bed...
Lindsay W8 days ago
It's Time to Become Your True Most Authentic Self
"It's time, Lindsay..." My higher self whispers. "Time for what?" I ask. "It's time to be your true most authentic self, and to stop playing small." "Ohhhh... I see," I reply shyly. That was a convers...
The Heart of an Artist
What occurs at that point in this hypothetical artist’s life is a kind of silence—the first thing he finds out is that for reasons he cannot explain to himself or to others, he does not belong anywher...
Jerome Shaw9 days ago
Slowing down to Speed Up
A calmer way to get ahead
Life Can Be as Difficult as You Make It to Be
Everyone has it hard in some way. Yes, even rich people have it hard sometimes even though their problems might be way different from ours. We all stress we all have happiness in some form. What is it...
Isla Noir11 days ago
Sailing the Ocean of Creativity
Navigating through a world of distractions is tough even at the best of times, but if you're like me and practically every other creative out there, then procrastination is probably your best friend a...
Jerome Shaw11 days ago
The Sacrifice For Your Dream
Choosing to settle or soar
Jerome Shaw12 days ago
How to Magnify Your Focus
Using the power of one
Jerome Shaw14 days ago
When Until Arrives
The power of patience
Rick Beneteau15 days ago
The Story of Big Jim
The power went out. Again! I looked out my second story office window and knew exactly why. I could hear the sounds throughout the morning. There was a crew of four men and three bucket trucks stringi...
Being the Best Version of Yourself
"When the vision and the voice on the inside becomes greater than all the opinions on the outside, you've begun to master your life." - Dr. John Demartini Recently I got interviewed on a podcast calle...