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Steve Gallegos2 days ago
You Develop from the Negatives
I began my career as a professional photographer well before the digital age. It was a time when photos were captured by using film. The camera itself worked pretty much the same as they do now, but i...
"She Believed She Could, So She Did"
When life brings you to the ultimate point of choosing whether it is time to give up or keep pushing forward, despite opposing obstacles—it can be hard to choose between the two. Lately it is as if my...
Etienne Rouleau13 days ago
A Humble Start as a Creator on Vocal!
A video I have created a few months ago on YouTube, I thought it would be appropriate as my start on Vocal. I will create one video or article a week with the main goal of inspiring ONE person per creation to start what they always put back on hold for various reasons. It will NEVER be perfect timing. I hope you enjoy that one. Plenty more to come. See you next week!!
Mimo le Singe16 days ago
Topics About Success
Short Answers to Success-Related Questions
Dillon Burroughs16 days ago
4 Ways to Turn Anger into Success
Anger is generally viewed as a negative. We are told to control it, release it, and rid ourselves of it. But can anger be used for good? Both ancient spiritual teachings and modern scientific studies ...
Derek Simmons17 days ago
Final Is Not Final
In 2013, I was faced with a bit of a personal dilemma. I had just started training for my first full-time job when it was announced that Maximilian of Yo video games would be the MC for the Xbox One L...
Marcus Azaria19 days ago
Keep Your Chin Up
Take a sip of some fruity tea, breath in the fresh air, and allow your gratefulness to sift in and out. If you look where you came from and see how far you have come. Give yourself a pat on the back. ...
The Rabbit Hole of Perfection
Every generation has been sold a bill of goods about how they should strive to live their lives. In the 1970s, people were promised a life of leisure and freedom at 55, if they worked hard for 35 year...
EJ L25 days ago
Finding My Path
This is my logo. This signed my fate and sealed the deal of my future. I should be excited and thrilled. I should be overjoyed, I’m 23 and starting my own business. Yet, I’m not. Instead, doubt fills ...
Ntokozo Masilelaa month ago
Failure, Faith, and the Victim
I remember it as though it all happened a day ago. I was in 12th grade and I chose not to apply to as many colleges/universities as I should have. Instead, I concluded that one application was enough....
Brooke Nanaia month ago
What a Butterfly Taught Me About Success
It's February, and this is around the time people are starting to give up on their New Year's resolutions (if they haven't already). It got me thinking about goals, and why so many of us don't reach t...
Joseline Burnsa month ago
Novel Motivation
If you are a new writer hoping to make a career, there’s no doubt that the Romance genre is your best chance to make money with your novels. It’s relatively easy to self-publish your work these days, ...
Bethany Ashlyn2 months ago
My Nighttime Routine for Success
There are certain things and chores I do each day that create a space for success to build. These routines, if not done, can sometimes lead to a morning filled with exhaustion and chaos. While they ha...
Spencer Schmidt2 months ago
You're So Close!
Filled with enthusiasm and fire but can't seem to use it correctly for your goals? You aren't alone! I am just one person out of hundreds of people who want to succeed badly but sometimes struggle to ...
Will Edwards2 months ago
'The Seven Keys to Success'
“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” - George Sheehan
TJ Neal3 months ago
7 Books for Millennial Leader Greatness
I applaud all the millennial leaders, who are defying the rumors about how we are spoiled, entitled, and behind other generations. I respect you for leading in spite of the noise and being inspiration...
Sara Marie3 months ago
Authentically Me
Authentically Me… “There is nothing I need to SEE There is nothing I need to SEEK There is nothing, but what I BE That can COMPLETE ME” This mantra came to me while driving. I chose to leave the house without my cell phone, I left the music off in the car, and I just listened to the universe. A resounding message of just being authentically me. It’s the beginning of 2019 and although 2018 was a difficult year, it was not bad. I learned so much about my strength, my true purpose, and I experience...
Nicole Addison3 months ago
Learn How to Make Stress Your Best Friend
When was the last time that you’ve experienced stress? A week ago? Yesterday? Maybe even right now? Regardless of when it occurred, stress is obviously not the greatest feeling, both psychologically a...