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Motivation in the modern age of social media; keeping your social media feed positive by following inspirational influencers.

Lauren Miller20 days ago
Social Media Is Affecting Your Mental Health
Social media is affecting your mental health. Many people wonder why or how. The irony, I am writing this about social media to be posted on social media. We have become addicted to social media. Soci...
Jenna Sa month ago
The Deception of Instagram
First of all, Hello! This is my first post, and well, seeing as I came across Vocal via Instagram, I found it fitting that my first post was about that very subject. I'm a young(ish) female, and like ...
Jennah Morrisa month ago
'Chillin’, You?'
“Hey” “What’s up?” “Wyd?” *Insert emoji here* The basic conversation starters nowadays. As I get older, the probability of responding to any texts or messages consisting of those simple words is becom...
Chloe Gilholy2 months ago
The One Thing We Don't Do Enough of
I think that there’s one thing that society doesn’t do enough of, and that’s celebrating the success of others. It’s instinct to be competitive, and far too often, people bring down others for a tempo...