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Self help, because you are your greatest asset.

Maryam Khan5 months ago
5 Inspiring Books That Will Make You into a Smarter and Better Person
There are many ways in which we can become a smarter and more intelligent individual. One of the best ways of achieving this is through reading. There is more treasure in the books than in all the pir...
Ashlee :)5 months ago
The Art of Gratitude
Gratitude is something that many people fail to practice. Every day you can hear a glimpse of a conversation and hear someone complaining about some circumstance or another. Usually it is a small inco...
Bailey Marucci5 months ago
Just Do You
Blog # 1 So I don’t really know what I’m doing but that’s okay and I hope that reading my blogs will show you that we might be in the same boat and that can always feel reassuring that you are not the...
Infinite Love5 months ago
4 Simple Keys To Maintain Good Energy Today
Your mind, body, and soul are composed purely of energy. For this reason, what you feel translates into how you feel. And if you often feel sick, depressed, anxious, or afraid, your energy may be disp...
Louis Tighe5 months ago
The Subtle Meaning Behind Obtrusive Thoughts
Before I begin saying anything that may or may not be of substance, I would be remiss if I didn't leave a disclaimer here for everyone to see in plain text. I am a self doubting, flawed individual. Th...
Michelle Schultz5 months ago
Bitches Get Shit Done
My dad always told me when I was growing up, that I shouldn't trust anyone and to always look out for myself first. "Be kind to others, but not at the expense of your own happiness." I think those wer...
Teddie Casterton5 months ago
Wait! The Unknown Serial Killer
In life, we like knowing things. Our desire is for everything to be correct and true, to be solidified and definite. Consequently, time is daunting. The knowledge that our time could be up at any mome...
Sara Schutz5 months ago
Systematical Errors
Have we ever wondered what life itself is supposed to bring us? We are supposed to be these happy go lucky people although we are nowhere near happy. Behind every "happy" face there is a world of wond...
Jasmin Eddy5 months ago
Fear. Everyone has one. Some may say they don’t, but in truth, everyone has a fear. I have multiple fears. I have a fear of spiders. A fear of snakes. I have a fear of singing in front of people. Othe...
Faith O5 months ago
How Normalising Dysfunction Can Affect Your Emotional Well-Being
And this is why it's important to reflect on your experiences and think about how they've contributed to the person you've become today.
Amanda Doyle5 months ago
The Houses of the Zodiac: House #3
Do you know what your birth chart says? Or, do you even know what a birth chart is? Your birth chart is based off of the time, location, and date of your birth. At the time when you were born, every p...
aspen lynn5 months ago
She stands at 5'5". She has a 26-inch waist. She's a brunette. Her eyes are blue, which compliment her fair skin and soft facial structure. She often makes you laugh, as she has a great sense of humor...
Linda Paul5 months ago
Mindfulness vs. Forgetfulness
I have always considered myself to be a very spiritual person. And, as such, I have wandered, swam, twirled and slept my way through a plethora of spiritually inspired rituals and traditions. I think ...
Teya Hooper6 months ago
Escaping Reality
The sound of a turning page: Children are laughing and chatting away. Another sound of a turning page, the other children’s voices are fading away. A final turn of yet another page, and now I am lost ...
Casey. OneHighMom6 months ago
Coffee Pot
The smell of coffee brewing in the morning is probably one of my top 5 favorite smells. Something about it is comforting. Coffee and oatmeal cookies is what you'd smell every morning on Catalina Islan...
Alix McCormick6 months ago
I Failed
Hello my little lovelies! So I wanted to make this post because I realized I never really talk or write about what happens when my cravings override my willpower and it's not your cheat day. It's not ...
Felicia 6 months ago
The Only Thing Standing in Your Way is YOU
I know what you're thinking, "It's not my fault," "I was too busy," "I can't afford to go to the gym," etc. etc. These are all things you tell yourself (and others) to try and escape the fact that the...