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Self help, because you are your greatest asset.

Violet Jupp2 months ago
How to Stop Being Negative Through Taking Responsibility
I’ve started to believe that the way you approach situations is a choice, and from that choice, future opportunities present themselves in the way you want to perceive them. In essence, you make your ...
Heath Russell3 months ago
The 10 Most Helpful Ways to Become a Better You
A List of the 10 Most Important Things to Improve Your Life Meaningfully
Leonardo Lacerda3 months ago
Hey, Is Anyone Listening?
I recently moved to London after living in Ireland for five years and travelling to 45 countries during the same time, something that I would love to write about some day. Although I will always love ...
Kelsey Hull3 months ago
12 Feet Down
The triumph I felt crawling out of the pool early one morning last summer should probably be reserved for Navy Seals and Olympic champions. Nevertheless, I wrapped a soft, oversized beach towel around...
Nandan Das3 months ago
Take Back Your Power
How many times has someone made you upset, angry, broken your heart, disappointed you, or made you feel unloved or unworthy? You might say it happens all the time, but I'm going to tell you something ...
Laura Port3 months ago
How to Cope with Loss?
Leaving. The little voice that has been inside your brain since you've known yourself. Some taking it seriously, some pushing it down; for fear or for reasons beyond themselves (and me). Obviously, ev...
Rabbi Daniel3 months ago
This Is Why Rejection Is a Good Thing
Have you ever thought you were in love only to be told by the one you admire that he or she wants to break up with you? Have you ever applied for a job and been told the organization or company chose ...
Melody Morales3 months ago
5 Healthy Habits: Your Mind & Soul
There comes a time in our lives when it feels like the weight of the world lies right on our shoulders. I am no stranger to the stress and anxiety that a busy, yet goal-oriented lifestyle, can bring. ...
Lena Arnett3 months ago
This Mysterious World
I often think that life can be crappy and hectic with a lot of stress and sadness. We have all been there, where we feel like we are in a huge hole and are stuck for life. That cannot be true; and I w...
Robbi Hall3 months ago
Feeling 'Under'-ish
I can come up with hundreds of explanations as to why I'm feeling a bit "underish" lately, or often, or maybe even daily. My highs & lows are incessant. Maybe it's because I'm an artist who dramatical...
Niki Bambi3 months ago
Do These Things When You're Feelin' Down
Whether you're not feelin’ yourself, the day, your significant other (no judgement), your job, or maybe you’re just irked by literally anything and everything, there are so many things you could do to...
Beckster Kraft3 months ago
There Is Only One You
“ Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde There is a total of 7.6 billion people on this Earth, and every single one of them is unique: different colored hair, different colored ey...
Temperance Moore3 months ago
Now, Later, or Never
Going back and forth with my head is so tiring. I'm the type of thinker that no matter what, I always go to the extreme with any given thought, and then I get so fixated on some particular aspect of t...
Jean-Paul Tibbo3 months ago
The Fork in the Road
Every once in a while, you come to a fork in the road where the choices you make will determine your life/future, and future choices. Some people may believe that the choices we make and the outcomes ...
When I Mess Things Up
Have you ever just sat pissed off trying to blame someone else for your fuck up? Even when you attempt to be honest with yourself you still find your anger trying to direct the blame elsewhere. When I...
Eadlyen Greenwood3 months ago
How I Am Improving Myself
Up until February of this year, I resided out west with my mother, step-father and four younger siblings. I was 19, had quit my job as a babysitter, and was mooching off my mother for four months as m...
Chelley René3 months ago
Starting Over... Again
What is life like for me? At this point my life is a constant roller coaster; every day is a struggle and a battle with myself. I always apply the most pressure on myself because I have always been my...
Vera Andreeva3 months ago
How To: Become Your Best SELF
Hey! Vera here! You will pursue our dreams, goals, and passions. You will find your niche. You will succeed. I am here to tell you that what you have only heard is only partially the truth. I was alwa...