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Self help, because you are your greatest asset.

Natalie C..3 days ago
Letter to Self
February 22, 2019 Dear Younger Self, You may not know who I am yet, but you will in a few years if you don’t take this advice to heart. Life can give you trials and challenges and if you don’t go thro...
Jerome Shaw6 days ago
How Young Are You?
The Secret to Growing Younger Every Day
How to Quiet Your Mind
Quieting the mind is something that everyone should learn how to do. It will help you to find who you truly are and then your life will dramatically change because of it. Quieting the mind is very simple and I go over in the video make sure to watch the whole thing and leave me a question.
Writings from Experience
1. When he was 5-months-old, his hands reached for the toy above him. The whale spinning around seemed to fascinate him, but not as much as the puffy yellow star right next to it. He giggled with glee...
M F8 days ago
30 Questions for Self Discovery
One late night, full of thoughts. Sitting by the harbor. Spending time with myself. Reflecting.
Mario Castelli8 days ago
What I Obtained from Being a Part of a LinkedIn Movement
I was born an individual mostly known as a misunderstood rarity the world spewed out—wise beyond my years and an oddball where my generation is concerned. Everyone yearns to be a success and leave a l...
Kapil Gupta13 days ago
Karma and the Prayer Hack!
Growing up in India, talk of Karma was all around me. "You reap what you sow,” I would hear people say. I grew into adulthood believing that I needed to do good deeds to get good results later in my l...
Hannah Johnson14 days ago
10 Steps to Remind Yourself It's Just a Bad Day
We've all been there. You wake up and can just tell, "Today is NOT going to be my day." As the day goes on, you're constantly reminded of that idea you had as soon as you woke up, and it just seems li...
Dawn West16 days ago
Dealing with the Disappointments of Life
So... we all know that feeling when we think things are going along fine, you may be looking forward to an event or a change in your life, and then things do not go how you would like. It may even be ...
Jeffrey Fontanos16 days ago
A Letter to My Former Self
Sometimes I wish I could come back to you and see the world through your eyes again. It’s been a while. I missed when you went out more. When you socialized more, but I also hate you sometimes. You le...
Matthew Evans16 days ago
Factors That Affect Motivation
In truth, there are many factors which affect motivation. You might be tired or hungry, which would demotivate you. You might feel the will of the divine sweep through you. You might have a fear of so...
Julie W19 days ago
Go Cry
You have permission to cry until your eyes are sore then grab some food and get on with life.
Chris Hansen19 days ago
Stillness and Grounding
Everyone knows what it means to be told "be still" and, "be quiet"; likely you heard this a thousand times + since early childhood. For most of us, these two admonishments were likely dictated in unis...
Josh Firmina month ago
The Power of You
In early 2017, my life was pretty simple, straightforward, and—as strange as it is for me to think about in hindsight—completely bland. I was 20 years old and a full-time law student. I worked my part...
Osana Aa month ago
My Transformation Story
January 21, 2019 My transformation story starts about six years ago—it was January 2013, I was severely depressed, overweight, and I had absolutely no hope for the future. I remember I had thought tha...
Raymond Achillea month ago
Inner Purpose Journal (March '18)
(3/4/18) Each day I learn more and I grow more... about myself, my career, and my creator. The joy and peace I feel each second of every day is unmatched. (3/5/18) This is only the beginning for me. T...
Judy Maea month ago
Why I Changed My Name at 25-Years-Old and How Does It Feel
Imagine for a minute. Yesterday, you were still responding to the name “Karen,” and suddenly today you are Allie. It is official; it is on your workstation, on your passport, on your bank account—just...