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Self help, because you are your greatest asset.

Sly NoBody4 hours ago
Empaths: What No One Talks About
OK, so bear with me for just a minute, and I'll get your attention. I think we're all, to some extent, versed on the whole business of personality types, intro & extroverts and the increasingly more c...
I am not bound to the rules of this planet, but bound to the endless traps of my mind. This, like so many other things, has haunted me. How many times have you been held prisoner? Endless thoughts, sl...
kaley holmes8 days ago
How to Remain Happy and Let Go of Sadness
Perception further creates your reality and experience. Duality is commonly known as an instance of contrast between two aspects of something. What we often fail to realize is that the two sides of th...
Juan DeLaRosa9 days ago
Things I Learned When I Turned 21
In the 21 years that I have been on this Earth, what I have come to understand is that, if there’s one thing for certain, it is that DEATH is a FACT. Time is an illusion, it’s a lot more pleasant to t...
Kyle Metcalf9 days ago
Lessons Learned from Reading 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck'
First off, let’s talk about the title of the book. Did it grab your attention? Probably… It’s not every day you see the word “Fuck” in the title of a NYT Bestseller. Mark did this on purpose. It’s int...
Liz Galante11 days ago
If You Take One Piece of My Advice, I Want It to Be This
I want you to just sit. Just sit outside. On a bench. Facing away from humanity. 5. I see grass. It looks like it has just been cut. 4. I see tulips. They are in my top 5 of favorite flowers. 3. I see...
Vanessa McNeely13 days ago
Kick Self-Doubt to the Curb
For years I noticed I was following the same self-destructive pattern—I would have these great ideas, write them down, start to plan them out, and then I would hit a wall. Instead of climbing over the...
Yvonne Coleman13 days ago
"Do you want to be liked or do you want to be loved?" That’s a hard question, right? For some, it would be easier to answer, and for others, it can be troublesome. But what does the research say? "The...
Erika Oney14 days ago
Losing Weight: Why Is It a Big Deal?
I have never been the skinny girl, with the exception of my elementary years. It was in my first college years that I thought about losing weight. Big surprise - failed. I tried again two years ago - ...
J Buntin17 days ago
The Chameleon
My story: the CliffNotes version. My parents were divorced before I was born. Each parent remarried. Between the two of them I went through four step-parents. I was moved across the country and back b...
Madison Sullivan17 days ago
Self Love
I know self love can be one of the hardest things a person can do. It has taken me years upon years to look at myself in the mirror and love who I am. In a society where we're taught that what we are ...
Anna Flaherty17 days ago
Why We Could All Do a Little Better
Most of us spend most of our time trying to do the right thing... At least, I hope we do, or I am more of an oddball than I thought. But sometimes we say things or do things we shouldn't. Maybe we are...
Karina Nistal22 days ago
Check Yourself!
W — Watch your Words. A — Watch your Actions. T — Watch your Thoughts. C — Watch your Companions. H — Watch your Habits. I've always been told to watch my words. When you say something to someone it's...
M. C. Trimm24 days ago
The Hangout
"Hey, you wanna come over after work? We're just going to have a few beers, hang out. You're off tomorrow anyways, It'll be fun." Little did I know, with that invitation my world was about to be turne...
Beauty Boutique25 days ago
Love Yourself First
Love yourself first. Today’s world preaches being successful, proving others wrong, grinding, “hustlin',” working hard, you name it. Nevertheless, no one really sits down to think about themselves fir...
Bourt Ra month ago
What My Dirty Laundry Taught Me About Life
Two years ago I had dirty laundry piling up in real life and in my personal life.