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How to become motivated to become the best version of yourself.

SEWI .a day ago
Don't Lose Yourself Trying to Follow
As my friend Marcio said:"Life is full of pressure." Back in school, we would go through 'peer pressure' and many were influenced to have sex, drink alcohol and even try drugs to be accepted by their ...
The Redesign Your Life Handbook
No matter what has happened in the past in life, you can always make the decision to start a new path. It does not matter whether you have called a criminal defense attorney because you have been arre...
Jerome Shaw20 days ago
How to Stand Out
A Speck of Pepper in a Land of Salt
Sumbee Lifestyle24 days ago
How to Live Without Stress or Worry
Do you ever feel like there is more to life? Do you feel like you have no purpose? Are you stressed, worried, overthinking, overwhelmed, or don't know who you are? Then you have come to the right plac...
How to Set Intentions
Ah, yes. Another year has passed, and you know what that means. The gyms become jam-packed, new organizational tools line store shelves, and artful advertisements about weight-loss programs seem to po...
Karen Berns3 months ago
How to Start to Think Positive
Do you tend to see the glass of water half empty? To imagine the worst? Positive thinking is not your thing. Pessimism does not solve problems. What if we tried to take life on the right side? "It's t...
Spencer Schmidt3 months ago
Starting the New Year off Right!
How's it going? Is it one of "those" days, or are you actually having a pretty great day? I hope the latter is the choice of many of you reading this, but realistically for a lot of people, it's one o...
Smitten Kitten3 months ago
Recognizing When Manifestations Are on Their Way
For many people, the hardest part of manifesting their ideal life is waiting for the manifestations to present themselves. The universe works in mysterious and beautiful ways, and it often takes signi...
Maya Ann3 months ago
Getting Started and Getting It Done
So you have an idea that you want to bring to life? What’s stopping you from making it happen? Procrastination taking over? Too busy planning for it? Taking your time coming up with “what if scenarios...
Ace Hessy4 months ago
How to Be Confident (Important Lesson!)
"The aroma of fresh paint, dusty plywood, and intoxicating hairspray gives me the chills of past adrenalin rushes. This is the electrifying scent of the theatre." Let me begin by stating the obvious: ...
Sierra I4 months ago
The Fundamental Guide to Fixing Your Life
"Sometimes, I don't know how much longer I can go on. Sometimes, I just want to give up. Sometimes I feel so guilty and overwhelmed that I think, maybe, others would be better off if I disappeared. No...
Dawn West4 months ago
How to Function Within Disfunction
Whew boy! This is a big topic for me. It delves into very personal territory so I feel I must tread lightly, but this needs to be told. This topic weighs heavily on my chest like a stone press. Living...
Francesca Mamlin4 months ago
How to Actually Follow Through with a New Year's Resolution
Every year, millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions, but less than 5% actually follow-through with them. Most of us start the new year with a new goal, a new habit we want to implement, a new v...
Brittany D4 months ago
Does It Offend You?
Sometimes we find people, comments or things offensive and we decide to react in a way that is not always becoming. Sometimes this turns into an argument or heated discussion. People expressing their ...
nk 4 months ago
How to Love Yourself
I am a firm believer that one of the most important things in life is self love. You will always be there for yourself and it's not like you can break up. But the sad part about that is that mostly ev...
H S5 months ago
How to Stay Motivated
Keeping up motivation can be a tough thing to do. Whether it's for school, work or your daily life and we don't tend to do anything about it. So, here's seven tips on how to stay motivated!
Chris Gutteridge5 months ago
Three Rules for Staying Motivated
I work from home. That means I own my time, but at a cost: I am always lacking in motivation! At a traditional job you might have a boss grilling you and pushing you towards a deadline, but when you’r...
Mari Jade5 months ago
5 Tips to Boost Self Confidence
We all have those days where our beating heart seems like it’s about to pop out. Sometimes you can’t help it, we get nervous over a lot of things. Because of embarrassment? Insecurity? Introversion? W...