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How to become motivated to become the best version of yourself.

Smitten Kitten8 days ago
How to Manifest
Bringing Your Desires to Life with the Law of Attraction
Smitten Kitten8 days ago
Everyday Things to Be Grateful For
One of the key components of attracting positivity into your life is experiencing gratitude. Often, we fixate on the things that we don’t have rather than celebrating the abundance that surrounds us e...
M R Britton10 days ago
Making a Change
Why can making a change be so difficult and yet, we all seem to change so much year to year? Have you ever tried your hand at a new lifestyle or hobby or mindset and failed but then you look back on y...
Amanda Neveu13 days ago
The Unspoken Side Effects of Your Twenties
Your twenties are full of changes. Scary, fun, exciting, and anxiety provoking changes. And often times our control over those changes are extremely limited. I mean the chances of winning the lottery,...
Carly Bisogno14 days ago
Get Up and Rise
I wouldn’t say I ever had the “shine” part down of that whole, “rise and shine” thing growing up. Though, with the seasons of my life ever changing, so do my sleep patterns. Over the last couple of ye...
How to Stay Motivated to Work Out and Eat Healthy
Whether it's a long-term weight loss project, training for a marathon, or simply trying to eat vegetables a few times a week, we're all trying to better ourselves in some way or another. No matter wha...
Lauren Rose17 days ago
Living with Mental Health
Hello everyone, I hope you have had an amazing weekend. This blog I will be talking about mental health issues and some ways to help you. (Please bear in mind that some of these methods might work for...
L 24 days ago
How To: Go Back to School at Your Very Best
As someone who attends a highly competitive school with less than 500 students total, I get my fair share of depressive emotions that make me want to dwindle into another world as the beginning of the...
How to Get Motivated: A Review from Experience and Pro Tips
We’ve all had ups and downs. And sometimes when you’re down, you feel like you can’t get anything done, like you’re always tired and simply don’t want to do anything but lay in bed, watch Netflix, and...
Jori Wolfa month ago
How to Be More Optimistic
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In life, balance is one of our universal truths. We see balance in everything: up/ down, in/ out, black/ white, birth/death, inhale/exhale, c...
Jane Wykera month ago
The Happiness Factor
Guess what?! August is National Happiness Month, and that means the whole month of August is dedicated to celebrating what makes us happy. But it shouldn't stop there! You see, no matter what your age...
Hannah Taylora month ago
When You Don’t Know Where to Start
Very few times in our lives do we truly believe we are stuck somewhere in the middle. Of course, that is the phrase we choose to apply to our feeling of digression, but I argue that we’re never just i...
Chris Buffamante2 months ago
The Perfections in Our Differences
Has anyone ever told you “nobody’s perfect”? I’m here to tell you that they’re as right as they want to be. Whatever it is that makes you different is the very thing that will make you stand out and s...
Cassandra Freitas2 months ago
5 Simple, yet Important, Steps to Overcome Laziness on Your Day Off
I’m one of many people who suffer from “being too lazy” syndrome. You know you have it if you want to get lots of things done on your upcoming day off but never seem to make it to them or consistently...
Mac Childs2 months ago
How I See It
The thing about advice is this…it’s cheap. I don’t mean to say it’s inexpensive; it just doesn’t have much value anymore. And it usually comes unsolicited from everyone around you, all the time, wheth...
Pixie Bond2 months ago
Conveying Confidence
Not everyone is blessed with the gift of being confident and the ability to talk to anyone and put themselves out there, and unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that struggle with their ...
Rebecca Zeglovitch3 months ago
How to Stay Motivated
Tips About How to Push Yourself to Improve and Succeed Every Day at Work and in Your Personal Life!
Sabina sheikh3 months ago
How to Grab Attention and Feel Confident
Make them stop and stare by using these small little tips that go a long way. We all want to be the center of attention for any occasion, and we all know that no matter what we do, playing the dress t...