How to heal fully and properly.

Rose Va day ago
My Story: Bullying
Through the years of elementary school, I thought I had it all; family, friends, a good education, chocolate? I felt like I had the world. There was nothing but me and my loved ones in a society with ...
Araiyah Lovely3 days ago
The Best You
If you think this picture is beautiful, that's true, it is. But so are you.
Letizia De Luca3 days ago
The Mysterious World Inside Your Mind
One day someone told me that, If you know who you are, life will be easier. A straightforward statement to write, as much it is to read. And indeed the question "who we really are" it is a current sta...
She Is Healing
My name is Felicia Rodrigues and I am a divorced single mother of three children and a domestic violence survivor. I lived in a violent marriage for years. Living with a man like my ex-husband is like...
Sammi Doll5 days ago
The End of 2017
2017. I'm not going to lie. This has been one of the hardest, mentally and emotionally challenging years of my life... this was the year I fell into depression. A sticky, black mass of weight I feel i...
Scoche Ren6 days ago
College Essay Example
My childhood was wonderful; I loved laughing and adored the feeling of belonging to something. My life appeared perfect to me, and anyone who knew me would have thought the same, because I hadn't know...
Tobias Gillot6 days ago
How to Handle Life After a Car Accident
It’s hard to imagine something as traumatic as a car accident happening to you, but 2.35 million people are injured in car crashes each year. Everything might seem different after you experience a car...
kira .8 days ago
If I Do Say So Myself
This is a talk for validation. To remind yourself that you are not the problem. You can be 100% honest, dedicated, loyal, but another person's 0% will average the overall score to 50%. Now you are 50%...
Curlee's Vocals8 days ago
The Prison of Vulnerability
The quote "Never let them see you sweat" should be retired. That quote has totally screwed up my thought process on what it means to feel and express how I feel about myself to others. When I was youn...
amarie. Ramos8 days ago
Perfectly Imperfect
"Take a deep breath." Inhale, exhale... inhale, exhale... Momentarily, I feel as if my soul has left my body. I glance over the vessel that it has bought for residence; examining every minuscule detai...
Jessica Wise11 days ago
The Three Levels of Healing
What They Are and How to Achieve Each One
Christina Oswald11 days ago
Bright Red Door
Sitting alone I wonder what waits for me beyond that door. That door that I’ve kept closed all these years. It’s a bright red. So bright it’s screaming. There’s always been this fear deep down that se...
Rowan Marley14 days ago
11 Ways to Tell If Someone Is Unhappy with Their Life
Back when I was in college, I didn’t understand people. To a point, I still don’t, though I have gotten better. In college, I didn’t understand why people hated me or why they treated me poorly. Sure,...
Manna Mac22 days ago
The Girl in the Grave
I spent weeks digging the grave. It was an exhausting few weeks. Everyday weighed down on me, with every shovel full of dirt I sunk deeper into the earth. It was a dark night, the night I finished the...
Reigning Women24 days ago
How I Found Myself After I Lost Myself
Raise your hand if you feel like you've ever lost yourself. Yep, I'm certain a ton of digital hands went up. Like so many good things in life, it seems it's so much easier to lose something that makes...
Getting Through (and Growing Through) Grief
Life isn’t always easy, and it can be at its toughest when we lose someone close. The connections and love we share in our lives are what being alive is all about, so when someone we felt a connection...
Indy Summersa month ago
Simple and Effective Ways to Keep Your Mental Energy
Everyday life can place a serious drain on your mental energy. Mental energy is key to a healthy lifestyle. In order to be your best self and enjoy life to the fullest, consider adding some of these p...
Change to Become a Butterfly 🦋
I have been an introverted girl my whole entire life due to the emotional mental blocks I’ve gone through bullying and being emotionally abused. It kept me in the corner of being shy or basically frightened of society. All through elementary school, I was bullied by children and by an adult that married into my family that didn't advocate for me. Throwing stones at me would be her motivation to make me feel humiliated and degraded. Not once did this adult support anything I did but instead, put ...