How to heal fully and properly.

Alice Heaps6 hours ago
Don't Look Behind You
You're staring at a blank computer screen. You want to write. You want to express yourself. You want to make sense of something that has happened to you. Or something that is still happening. Maybe no...
Eve Waltersa day ago
Reasons Why You Should Survive
So, I’ve struggled for years with my mental health and have really not wanted to be here at some points, however, I still am and these reasons are some of what to do with why: You have a family who lo...
What's Hurt Got to Do with It?
Sometimes I panic about now being happy again. Worried that I could slip back into the unknown, a place I was in for far too long. A place I didn’t even know I was in for the first few years, until I ...
You Are Not Alone
You have yourself.
Anastasia Adams15 days ago
The Introductory to Life
I was loaded down with board meeting after board meeting. I decided to take a road trip to get away from the city, and my wife's attempts to destroy me. Alone time with an attractive view was exactly ...
Caleb Pearson19 days ago
This Void
The void. The post-collegiate drift into sorrow to non-perfection. Flowing to the masses, crying out, am I without shame to my flock? Have they dispersed and allowed my darkness to consume me? To aid ...
Sydney Lovella month ago
After My Diagnosis, Self Care Was Hard
Since then, I’ve led a life frequented by doctor’s visits, trips to the emergency room and days spent in bed, too sick to move. From the doctors who diagnosed me, to the ones who continue to help keep...
Charmaine Coopera month ago
Emotional Wellness Coaching. What Is It?
I provide daily tips on how to improve the single driving force behind the quality of your life. And that is the power of choice. One of the crucial factors that cause us so much pain is the level of consciousness that we use in the way we make these choices. We believe that we are making decisions based on reality and facts but we are not. We are unconsciously making decisions based on past experiences that we have stored in our subconscious and replay every day. So our choices are a repeat of ...
Lyza, that's ita month ago
Relearning You (Pt. 1)
When I was in grade five, I changed schools, it was harder than I had thought it would be. I left behind friends I had made since preschool, teachers I had known since grade one, and forfeited my drea...
Giorgia Bacchia month ago
Sensitizing About Differences
I never felt home, despite my young age. I felt like I was on an extraterrestrial planet but at least with my family, I felt protected. I hated being considered a child because I had an adult's awaren...
Rebecca Erina month ago
Drinking in the Desert with Strangers
Prologue I leaned back onto the leather headrest, lowered the driver’s seat as far back as it would go, and stared out the open sun roof to the sky above me, stars dotting the inky blackness. Occasion...
Mick Johnsona month ago
Let's Pretend
There are a lot of people that are sad. And when they are sad, they don't know what to do. Maybe for some people, it is clear. But I know, for the most part, it isn't. So maybe next time you're sad, y...
Abigail Binghama month ago
How Writing Healed Me
I used to feel trapped by the thoughts in my head. Constantly, I would be pushed and pulled back and forth, dragged down by my mind and my heart, not knowing which way was up. I felt like there was no...
Shelbie Fae2 months ago
Heal Yourself
Peace. That word is packed full of meaning. But what does it mean? World peace? Peace of mind? Peace, love, and freedom? None of those or all of the above? To me, peace means inner peace. When I think...
Kayla Triplett2 months ago
A Letter to My (Younger) Self
The only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it's possible. - Alice Through the Looking Glass
Shariah Davis2 months ago
Bind in My Mind
No. No, my life isn’t perfect. This smile could crack into a million stories if it had enough fire to melt the steel lips that are just too heavy to open. In fact, these next few lines will probably e...
Michael Grube2 months ago
Speaking Through Your Soul
There are many paths that you can choose to take in this world with the life that you have been given. It's solely up to you of what you make of that short time. You can choose to live a life of selfi...