How to heal fully and properly.

The Untranslatable Feeling
There’s an old Welsh word that haunts the soul and tears at the feelings. I know there have been moments when I’ve felt it, and I know just how haunting it can be. Hiraeth is the word, and there is no...
Julia Valentina10 days ago
Say the Word! SELF-LOVE
SELF-LOVE. What a word, eh? So simple, but sometimes so complicated and hard. In the latest DC’s superhero movie Shazam!, we watch Zachary Levi portraying a 14-year-old boy in a man’s body who becomes...
Pi3ces OfWork10 days ago
Once upon a time, in an unknown town in a neighborhood without sidewalks following a long driveway end to a small house with only three bedrooms lives a girl. A girl who has medium brown hair, green e...
Monique B11 days ago
Let’s Begin
My journey is one that comes with many challenges and with each one it was a test of my character and of my strength. Everyone has a story and everyone can help someone in a different way. What makes ...
Kiomi Witte16 days ago
It's Time to Kick Insecurity's Ass
There have been countless times during my life when I dressed up in an outfit I loved, but changed it into something else because it wasn't really "me" or it was too "out of my comfort zone." But a fe...
Raquel Z. Duarte18 days ago
This Is How You Will Heal
And this is how you will heal... It will be a process. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. These things take time. And no, “time doesn’t heal all wounds.” It’s what you do dur...
Leigh Hooper19 days ago
A Letter to My Younger Self
Dear Younger Self, This letter has been a long time coming. Here’s some things that I want to say to you. (Also can I say it is very strange trying to write to yourself). There are five things that I ...
Samantha S. 22 days ago
Real Accomplishments
We’ve all had those moments where we’ve doubted ourselves. Those moments which we feel like failures. Those moments we feel the world is against us. We know it’s not the world, but we can get caught a...
Givan You22 days ago
Givan You: ME
When you think of the word ME, you can’t help but think of yourself right? Well, that’s exactly what this new program is geared towards, finding and loving yourself. Change starts with you. The majori...
Savon Nikolica month ago
A Mind-Body Attraction
After I pulled the double shot of espresso the hairs on the top of my eyebrows left holes in my skin. My hairs were stiff needles. I shivered goosebumps from my toes to the back of my throat. Each hai...
Candice Williamsa month ago
10 Things to Do to Improve Your Mood
Want to improve your mood? Keep reading.
Grace Sa month ago
5 Ways to Address and Change Negative Self-Talk
Negative self-talk is that voice in your head that participates in creating negative “truths” about you that are often times completely false and pretty savage. The habit of listening to this voice ca...
MariTi Lovella month ago
My Visions in Meditation
I am bad at meditating. I could never get my mind to be still. Except recently I’ve been needing it to. And I’ve been feeling spiritually sensitive, so I tried again. I don’t know if this is normal, b...
Tera Summersa month ago
Free Massages
I was sitting on the sofa and my back was SO tense. I was squeezing my shoulders and upper back with both hands. I could feel the pain and tense pressure moving within my muscles. The aches seemed to ...
Rose V2 months ago
My Story: Bullying
Through the years of elementary school, I thought I had it all; family, friends, a good education, chocolate? I felt like I had the world. There was nothing but me and my loved ones in a society with ...
Araiyah Lovely2 months ago
The Best You
If you think this picture is beautiful, that's true, it is. But so are you.
Letizia De Luca2 months ago
The Mysterious World Inside Your Mind
One day someone told me that, If you know who you are, life will be easier. A straightforward statement to write, as much it is to read. And indeed the question "who we really are" it is a current sta...
Felicia Rodrigues2 months ago
She Is Healing
My name is Felicia Rodrigues and I am a divorced single mother of three children and a domestic violence survivor. I lived in a violent marriage for years. Living with a man like my ex-husband is like...