Understanding your goals to help you achieve them.

Lee St. Evans8 months ago
The Bucket List: A Way of Life
Have you ever had a moment of clarity? That instance where, for a split second, everything falls into place in your head and just makes sense? When you suddenly know exactly what you’re supposed to do...
Aidy Perry8 months ago
Our Time Is Now
When I wake up in the morning, I meditate. I center myself, I find my inner peace, and I meditate my ass off. This is my way of preparing myself for all of the news I will see throughout the day on so...
Liz Mountford8 months ago
I Want to Change the World
May I start with a little story, something that just found its way into my head? Thank you... Imagine it; a vast barren land, the smog is so thick you can't see the stars or the horizon no matter wher...
Kyle Wright8 months ago
Being Average
I always avoided being shirtless. Always. I never even wanted my own family to see the torso I was ashamed of. I set my standards low with everything and even developed a way of sitting, walking and b...
Savana Verret8 months ago
How To Stick to Your Resolutions
It's the new year, and as always, people are talking about how they're going to get fit, save money, and much more this year. For a while, they keep these promises to themselves. But we're beginning t...
Lauren S.8 months ago
How Bullet Journaling Helped Me
A few weeks ago, I started bullet journaling. I first stumbled across the idea in one of my Facebook groups. It really intrigued me, but I didn't have the inclination to start journaling. After a roug...
Amanda Doyle8 months ago
Plans Are the Worst
Everything starts with an idea. Sometimes my ideas turn out to be wonderful, and sometimes they turn out to be complete failures. And sometimes, just making plans is the hard part. It all started with...
Jon Dobbin8 months ago
The Video Game Method
In my article Best Books of 2017 (According to Me), I mentioned that I had a New Year’s resolution from a few years ago to read more books. I also mentioned that it was a challenge. I couldn’t find mo...
Chelsea McBride8 months ago
Vision (Without the Vision Board)
New year, new me. Isn't that the whole thinking behind new years' resolutions? That maybe, at this arbitrary turning over of the calendar, we could do all the things that we said we would do last year...
Kimberley Workman8 months ago
More Confessions of a Shopaholic
Do you ever read about a debt free life and feel that you will never be able to get there yourself? I have read hundreds of articles on snowballing your debt, consolidating, selling old things that yo...
Delilah Jayde8 months ago
Why Your New Year's Resolution Probably Won't Stick
Every December, we make decisions we don’t intend to keep. Of course, we don’t necessarily decide not to keep them in that moment, because of course we don’t exactly know that just yet. Despite that, ...
Emily Grace Gill8 months ago
New Year, Same You
Every year Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., flood with the slogan "New Year, New Me." People plan for their new self with healthy recipes, following exercise accounts, and making a new Instagram ...
Bryanna Burshnick8 months ago
A Moment of Inspiration
As part of my plan of becoming a better version of myself and a better human being, I'm going to starting a new series called "My 30 Days of Gratitude." I've spent so many years fighting, arguing, and...
Dana Carriere8 months ago
New Year, New Me... Again
New Years Resolutions It's that time of year again, the one where everyone is signing up for gym memberships, buying those new Nike runners from SportChek and setting their new year resolutions higher...
Jacky Alty8 months ago
A Professorial Aspie
In the beginning to student life.
Scott Corvus9 months ago
2018: The Year of No Excuses
I’ve never quite been one to do gigantic overhauls with my life around the New Year's time, but after 2017, I feel almost obligated to do so out of a personal fear of repeating the past over again.
Hilary Nicodemus9 months ago
New Year, New Me?
First of all, I am disgusted by myself for that. I hate hearing the "new year, new me" phrase, but I think (like every year) that this could be my year. I started this blog as a stay-at-home mom wanti...
Nicola Fawole9 months ago
New Year, New Beginnings...
Every year I will set myself a New Year's resolution because I felt that It would be nice to a set a new goal to achieve. However, learning over time, I realized that New Year's resolutions are never ...