Understanding your goals to help you achieve them.

Lauren Skopkowski8 months ago
Secrets to Achieving Your Goals in Your 20s
Once you've been freed from the shackles of America's rote memorization-centric education system, you can finally live a real life and discover the person you've always been on your way to becoming. P...
Kelsey Lange8 months ago
How To Set Life Goals and Actually Achieve Them
From writing your goals down, telling someone about them, and celebrating each of your steps, you'll find that sticking to your goals, and ensuring that your goals are the right path for you, is much ...
Kayla Willsey8 months ago
I Never Thought I Could Sing Opera
If you had told my sixteen-year-old self that in six years, I would not only have the confidence and skills to sing in front of any size of crowd, but that I would have a large role in an opera, I don...
Genuine Kaeo8 months ago
The Worker Today
Through our lifetime we put all our energy into spending our first years learning to walk and talk, then the next few years starting school all the way to graduation. With the hopes that you will secu...
Writer Geek 22229 months ago
Why I Am Grateful for Teething Babies and Ear Cleaning - Manifestation & Law of Attraction Story
This is a story in which you will learn how to begin manifesting your truest desires right this minute. Before I begin this story, I want you to know a key behavior you must practice to allow your min...
Antoinette Jones9 months ago
What Are Your Intentions?
Most people believe their life is like a feather in the wind. They have no control over their destiny. What if I tell you that is not true? What if I tell you that whatever you think of that you want ...
Benjamin Drew9 months ago
I've Always Been the Worst
Sometimes I think, will I ever be successful? It's hard. I can only strive to be the best I can be, but I realize those in front of me will never back down. They started before me with higher motivati...
Robyn E9 months ago
To Every 'No' I've Ever Received
Trust me when I say, I've had a lot of interviewers say no to me. Does it get any easier? No. It really doesn't get any easier. Interview after interview. Face-to-face meetings with someone. Researchi...
Siddharth Surana9 months ago
Dream It. Do It. Achieve It.
One may achieve everything in their life yet not be happy, and one could just struggle to follow and live his/her dream and attain pure, sheer happiness. That is the sweet taste of struggle for follow...
Laura Alexa9 months ago
30 Things to Do Before We Turn 30
I turn 30 this year. 30 used to be the biggest milestone; I remember being 16, and about to leave school. Everything I wanted to do seemed so possible. I teach 16-year-old's now, and I do give them th...
Kimberly Burley9 months ago
Adversity Builds Perspective
Use your adversity to grow.
Benjamin Weinberg9 months ago
Daily Discipline
Discipline is the hardest, yet most important personal trait for an adult to develop. In previous articles, I covered the importance of learning new things and making them a part of your skills and ab...
Fuck Off9 months ago
I Will Not Be a Square
I went to bed last night with a question burning on my mind. I woke feeling like I just sat through the second viewing of a movie hoping the outcome would be different. The outcome is always the same;...
Eric Burdon9 months ago
You Are in Control of Your Own Life
Let me ask you a few questions. Questions that I have asked myself over and over again and keep getting different answers: How badly do you want to succeed at life? And; How much are you willing to gi...
Iria Vasquez-Paez9 months ago
How to Find Your Motivation
Motivation is defined as the desire to do things other than lay in bed all day. Motivation means you are doing something to better your existence. If you write down your goals, there is no truth that ...
Davon J. T.9 months ago
The Achilles Heart
So a lot of us have heard the story about the Achilles heel, but very few get what it actually may mean. I considered myself to be an aspiring writer until I finally decided to get off my butt and sta...
Brian P Alvarez9 months ago
How to: Just Start
After being married for only six months, my wife and I decided to start a business. Now over a year later, we have over 8k true, organic followers on Instagram and close to 500 pre-signed up clients! ...