Understanding your goals to help you achieve them.

How to Be Great Every Day
How do you start your morning? Do you let the sun rays wake you from slumber as they settle upon your face, or slam your fist on the SNOOZE button and wonder how your phone screen hasn't cracked? Do y...
Keane Neal-Riquier2 months ago
How to Celebrate the Little Things
Chasing a passion is like starting at the bottom of the ladder and climbing your way up. Sounds easy, right? A rung there, and rung there, a viola, you’re at the top. As all fellow dreamers would agre...
Daniel White2 months ago
Makers and Creators, How I Think the World Works
There are makers and creatives in this world, and I believe there’s a difference, but we can all be creatives if we try hard enough.
Nathonia Smith2 months ago
Determination Gets It Done
Determination is a feeling that I find difficult to hold on to when life’s unexpected circumstances arises that brings stress. Oftentimes, I wonder if those circumstances are put in my path to derail ...
Vivian LaBouche2 months ago
Six Inches of Excellence
Our brain is an amazing engine which is destined to head towards greatness. Fun fact! If you place your index fingers on both temples on your head, the distance measures approximately six inches and w...
John Ames Birch2 months ago
We all dream, each night as our heads hit the pillow, images and sensations fill our consciousness. Vivid illustrations of past, present and future places dance about as we dream beyond the here and n...
Kacie Turton2 months ago
Do You Take the Risk?
Dear Vocal Readers, Oh, decisions, they can't all be easy, can they? We make countless choices each day of our lives. You decide what you want to eat in the morning, or if you even have enough time to...
Arieru Asakura2 months ago
There Is a Voice Crying Out Within You
Take a moment to think slowly about yourself while reading. There is a voice crying out within us. We have ignored this voice countless times without realizing the most important thing that we have th...
Ayanda Mandlazi2 months ago
The Truth About Dreams
What does it take to follow your dreams, to see your dreams come to fruition? Is it worth the sleepless nights, the self-doubt that fills you up at every "no" you get? What keeps you going? For as lon...
Chimdi Chime3 months ago
Finding Your Purpose
Have you been at stage in your life where you ask yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” Maybe you are at that stage currently, maybe you haven’t gotten there or you already passed that stage. But, I...
Maggie Mollak3 months ago
Finding “Flow”
I, like many others, have always had the desire to find “flow” in the things that I do. The term “flow” refers to the state of mind and activity level that you reach once you have begun doing somethin...
Eva Jean3 months ago
The Journey
I have reached a very interesting point in my life. It's not the most fun, nor the most productive in the moment (perhaps in the future I'll look back and disagree with myself), but I think it'll be f...
Aceadia 3 months ago
The Secret Gift Behind Your Pain
Your pain will be your advantage. People are motivated by two things in life, pain or pleasure. Whatever is going on in your life... it'll fade. It's the natural timing that happens with everything. T...
The Power of Monthly Resolutions
Hello to everyone reading! I hope you are having a blessed day! Something I really want to express is the inspiration I have gained recently. Through this change in mindset, I have found that I am now...
Sasha McGregor3 months ago
Learn How to Plan for Your Future Before It Is Too Late
In life you should recognize when there are things that have a certain time frame. There are things in life that you should do before you get to a point that you can no longer do these things. Some pe...
Sabrina Sthay3 months ago
The Rougher Storms
I'm not going to ask you to imagine anything. Odds are, you are, have, or are going to experience this, or something similar in your life. So instead, I am going to ask you to reflect on something. Yo...
Pheaith Yang3 months ago
What to Learn from Your 20's
Before you start reading, note that these tips are from my personal experiences. Reading this might not make you feel like you just had an epiphany about your entire life, but if my writing can help a...
Kody Kline3 months ago
Trip to the Food Bank
I don't belong here. I think it to myself over and over as I wait for my name to be called. I have my 14-month-old with me and he is blissfully unaware of our surroundings. We are at the food bank. We...