Understanding your goals to help you achieve them.

Dania Diaba month ago
It's difficult, stepping out of the comfort zone of your notebook and pen and trying out the website you keep seeing ads for on Instagram. I've been fine with keeping my thoughts private with no one e...
Michelle Schultza month ago
30 Journal Entries to Self Discovery—Day 25
Hey everyone! Happy day twenty-five!! I still can't believe we only have five days left. Time flew by. I hope you all continue to read my posts after this. I hope I've been enjoyable enough that you w...
Tony Campbella month ago
Starting over at 28
The journey that seems to never end.
Pamela Dirra month ago
Sometimes You Have to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
Almost six months ago. That is when I left my full time nursing position in a doctor’s office. I left because it had turned into a hostile work environment. It was making my life miserable and had me ...
Kendall Earla month ago
Adulthood: My Story
Exactly a week after my high school graduation I was rolling back and forth on the couch while cartoons played on the television at three in the morning. My whole body was shaking and my heart was rac...
Eric Burdona month ago
What It Takes to Become a Real Expert
"Expert" It's a title that is so overused today that it's honestly lost its shine. I remember attending a webinar from ClickBank several years ago about affiliate marketing. One thing they pushed was ...
Aidan Siperkea month ago
How To Win Every Day
What do you consider winning your day to consist of? You do not need to do as much as people think you need to do to win every day. I am going to give you an easy tool that will help you win every day...
Michelle Schultza month ago
30 Journal Entries to Self Discovery - Day 17
Hey everyone! Welcome to day 17! If it's your first time reading one of my posts, welcome and go back and read the other sixteen! Just kidding... no, I'm not. Anyway, welcome to day seventeen and I ho...
Rodrigo Gomesa month ago
Hello, World
Things always happens for a reason. They is no greatness without hard work. There is no winning without effort. There is no change without sacrifice. And as long as life passes by most people discover...
Michelle Schultza month ago
30 Journal Entries to Self Discovery - Day 16
Hey everyone! Welcome to Day 16! Hope everyone is still writing along. I'm writing as my two-year-old naps so... let's get started before she wakes up. The quote for today is one of my personal favori...
Caroline Brazeaua month ago
When Everything Goes Wrong
Am I the only one who believed that we are on earth for a better reason than just the simple way of life that is 8am to 4pm day work? Mother of 3 wonderful children, I can tell you that my life is rat...
Michelle Schultza month ago
30 Journal Entries to Self Discovery—Day 14
Happy Mean Girls Day (Wednesday, October 3rd)! Yes, I am wearing pink and welcome to day fourteen of my self-discovery journal! I can't believe I'm two weeks in and thanks again for following along ev...
Karina Nistal2 months ago
Intense Changes
It's been a while and it truly sucks to be away from the things you love. For me it's writing, among other things. I've had some intense life changes happening all year long. I've moved cross country ...
J Buntin2 months ago
Lifetime List
As a person with a type A personality, I have a deep affection for lists. Anything I can put on a list and later check off makes me feel happier. I have daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists. It help...
Jordyn Woods2 months ago
The Beginning
So. Everybody wants to be a star, right? That's what I thought I wanted more than anything for the longest time. I'd lay in bed fantasizing about acceptance speeches and stadium performances; proving ...
Eric Burdon2 months ago
Want to Feel Motivated? Do This
There are many sources for motivation that we can leverage from, from motivational quotes, videos, and articles such as this one. There is always something out there in the world that we can use to pu...
Cierra McFee2 months ago
Does Anyone Notice?
How time past so fast I’ll never understand. Life can feel so great for so long, but I can’t help but wonder if I was feeling that contentment because it was actually there or my medication was giving...
Jas S 2 months ago
The Struggle Is Real
Independence. Motivation. Consistency. Freedom. All of these are some of what I am currently lacking. Four years ago, I completely transformed my life. I moved out for university and was finally able ...