Understanding your goals to help you achieve them.

L. Rose Sargeanta month ago
Settled Waters
As a child, one of the conversations that I remember best with my first-grade teacher was one that shapes many and most young people's lives: What do you wish to be when you grow up? Why? I don't know...
Tamara Nicotraa month ago
Yes, I Admit It
I'm 19. When I was younger I thought that at 19 I'd either have everything figured out or I'd be famous enough to not care about having everything figured out. But now that I am who I am, I can't beli...
Kailey Millera month ago
"One Must Understand All"
"One must understand all—else one must take all for granted." - F. Scott Fitzgerald I read Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned the summer before I turned eighteen, and fell head over heels for it. I...
Kaiya Harta month ago
Let No Man Define You
Okay, look. I’m not doing a class on how to be a writer and I'm not exactly a life coach. But, sometimes, certain people need to hear the truth. Namely, people who want to write, and the people who de...
Sierra Imhoffa month ago
The F.I.M.I. Theory Explained
What is the F.I.M.I. Theory? How does it work? Is it effective, or a hoax?
Jared Bensona month ago
The Difference Between a Life Goal and a Career Goal
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" How many times did you hear that question as a kid? If you were like me, after what felt like a thousand times, you got a little frustrated being asked that ...
Aly Martineza month ago
Grounded Goal Setting
Sometimes it can feel like everyone around us is easily achieving great success, when in truth, every individual has relevant struggles when it comes to goal setting. Only you can know the true depth ...
Kimberly Stylesa month ago
Buying a Home at 20
In this day and age it can be difficult for anyone to buy a house; whether it be due to low income meaning less saving or the extortionate cost of rent. I found that in order to buy my first home, I h...
Nicole Addisona month ago
What Does It Mean to Live?
What does it mean to live? Does it mean to make money? To be a great leader? To finally be termed "successful"? What does it mean to truly live? We go through our lives often asking ourselves this one...
Abigail Longa month ago
I remember when I was young and innocent, standing at the edge of a cliff, looking over at the unending path of platforms, wondering what would lie on the final platform. I remember taking the first l...
Sophi Barbera month ago
Worrying About Being Worried
At the age of 21, I ask my peers if they also worry about being worried—they confirm that they are worriers too. Upon this advice I thought to myself, why is this the case? so I broke it down. Educati...
Carolann Sherwood2 months ago
What Is Your Niche?
I also think that the student graduating high school, the senior who has just retired and wants to keep busy, and the person who is making an entirely new career change are the largest groups of peopl...
Micah Moore2 months ago
Change for Change
$1.54, they counted, as the sweat beamed from the corners of the crevasses of their near see-through, drenched, shirt. A dollar and fifty-four cents exactly fit neatly into a jumbled mess of their jea...
Rabin Gorman2 months ago
Finding Your Purpose
Life seems to keep us trapped in the same cycles over and over again. Once we embark down the path of a career plan, we basically decide exactly what direction our life is going in. But what if there ...
Vincent Graziano2 months ago
I Hiked a Fucking Mountain
I hiked up a fucking mountain! Me. me! I fucking hiked up a fucking mountain. Now let me say this about myself, i am a fairly active person. I work out anywhere from 5-7 times a week, I love to bike r...
Andy A3 months ago
Why Winning Isn't Enough
Everyone wants to win, right? Speak to any sportsperson, athlete or businessman. Hell speak to anyone who buys a lottery ticket or scratch card—everyone has this obsession with winning. Don’t get me w...
Sheema Hussain3 months ago
2 Weeks, 27 Goals, and a Whole Lotta Optimism
On May 14th I will be turning 27. Not the most interesting opening sentence, to say the least, but it's weight holds pretty strong for me. Since entering my twenties, each birthday has been accompanie...
Kelsey Lange3 months ago
10 Things You Can Do to Reach Your Full Potential
What we perceive our potential to be and what it actually is are two entirely separate things. It is easy to lose sight of your true potential in the midst of the daily routine. But there is never a w...