Understanding your goals to help you achieve them.

CO Skeetea day ago
The Power of the 24
We have 86,400 seconds each day to accomplish so much. Just think, the average person, Barack Obama, Beyoncé, and Bill Gates each have the same 86,400 seconds every day. Many people might have giggled...
IamZoya 001a day ago
New Year's Resolutions
Feb. 15, 2019: New Years Resolutions... This is something that's been on my mind for some time now. I have an issue when it comes to setting goals and actually keeping them, especially when I don't se...
Lidia Kovaca day ago
10 Reasons Why I Hate Productivity Videos on YouTube
Being a university student, I have exams, assignments, and due dates. besides all my extra-school stuff like work, laundry, socializing, and having fun. The study community on YouTube and on the socia...
Fuck*ng Creative Discomfort
We get a bit excited and scared as we dive into a new project that we know at the same time will challenge our knowledge and the way we usually do things. It is like jumping into the unknown. Usually,...
Cole Kelly3 days ago
Your Brain
Your brain is probably the most complex supercomputer on the planet and it needs you to program it. From the time you wake up to the time you drift off into dreamland, you are in control of your brain...
Frank Zaccari4 days ago
What Was Your Big "Aha" Moment?
Let me ask you a question. Where are you right now, personally and professionally? Is it where you really want to be? Maybe it was once, but is it still right now? I am willing to bet the answer is no...
Denise Alvarado8 days ago
Cursed or Paranoid?
Okay, I think we need to talk about this one because it is an issue I am perpetually hearing. Life is going to hell in a hand basket, relationships are going sour, finances suck, health is going bad, ...
Anne Amo9 days ago
The Art of Becoming
The question first is why? To become, one would need to be at terms with who they are now, to address how they will grow into who they need to be. Whether your motivation is a terrible breakup (like m...
Simon Morrell11 days ago
Got Courage?
You have a dream, right? We all do. Well, most of us. Those that don’t wander through life knowing neither glory nor failure. So, congratulations if you have a dream. What goes with that dream? Whatev...
Jerome Shaw11 days ago
Magic in the Mundane
Allowing Your Passion to Become Your Purpose
The Leap​
How long do you wait before you tell yourself you'll do it? A week, a month, a year....five years? Now, don't get me wrong, there is no rush. But what do you do when you're no longer happy with where ...
Jarrod Foster12 days ago
Got to Stay Focused
I will be the first to say that I have started a lot of projects and haven’t finished them. I have also procrastinated to the point where I convinced myself that what I started in the first place wasn...
Sunshine A.12 days ago
The Beginning
Hello! This is my first post on Vocal, so let me introduce myself. My name is Sunshine, (yes that’s my real name), and I am a creator. I was born in February, an Aquarius, born in Toronto, ON, Canada....
Ben W12 days ago
You Need the Discomfort in Life
The mountain looks intimidating. You're chilled to the bone as you make the final ascent. You didn't think you were prepared for this moment but you wanted to push yourself to the physical limit. You ...
A Little Past Ringing in the New Year
Naturally, I feel like this should be kept real, and that the above picture that you see isn't actually me. It's my younger and at the time 17-year-old sister. Now I'm not going to degrade her, but th...
Kyle Agawin14 days ago
The Fighter
When I was a kiddo, I enjoyed playing war outside in our five-acre land just outside of town. I imagined I was there at the beaches of Juno beach with my brave fellow Canadian soldiers fighting agains...
Anastasia Adams15 days ago
Am I Emotionally Equipped with Great Defenses?
After being in a car accident in some cases, the law requires you to take defensive driving to train you to be a safer driver. Similarly, preparing the mind against reckless behavior or self-sabotagin...
Antoinette Evans15 days ago
Creating My Own Seat at My Own Table
Creating my own seat at my own table with a smile in my heart and my eyes on the prize.