Understanding your goals to help you achieve them.

Jean Sumrall3 days ago
Passion for Belly Dance
I saw my first belly dancer at a Christmas party in 1980. I was four months pregnant at the time. The dancer, whose name was Sadia, was the most beautiful dancer I had ever seen. I thought to myself, ...
Stacie Amelia4 days ago
I have had to hold and work with a lot in this life, as too have so many others. There comes a point where we say, enough! When we begin to choose what is important to our hearts, we choose to work wi...
Naseeha Tayob4 days ago
I Want to Do Big Things
Human beings have a fascinating feature; that is the ability to envision something that does not exist, or imagination. When these visions are built on, it becomes a dream. It is my strongest belief t...
JB Owen4 days ago
Stories that ignite others and impact humanity
Chelsee Hyry4 days ago
The Day I Started Challenging Myself
I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma and outdoor allergies when I was seven years old. Needless to say, I’ve never been able to run. I was the kid who had a doctor's note because I wasn’t capa...
Nathonia Smith7 days ago
That Valuable Commodity Called Time
If there is one thing I’ve realized in my old age, it’s that patience in any given situation is not easy. Everything is about timing for me. I tend to think that it may be because, subconsciously, I f...
Bea Louise8 days ago
How beautiful you look in the pictures and the post. To be adventurous. To escape. To be found. To be free.
Pamela Dirr10 days ago
A Day in the Life
No, I am not Kermit the frog. I am just trying to make it in this world as a single female. I feel that I am faced with many inequalities and struggles. I feel like I am constantly trying to prove mys...
Jo Smith11 days ago
Be You
Why is a plan B necessary? Study, learn, eat healthy, exercise, sleep, meditate, and repeat. If you are determined to get it right you won't allow excuses to not try! Trust me, if you are reading this...
Jac Renouard13 days ago
Life Purpose
So I've been working at a health food shop for the last seven months, and trying to figure out this idea called purpose. I've got a degree in film and have dabbled in writing, poetry, and business. Bu...
Ambi Ambition14 days ago
Obliterate Self-Limiting Beliefs in 4 Simple Steps
Somewhere along line, we fell asleep with our childhood dreams and awoke with the mindset of our parents; the hype of our deepest passions got crushed in the rubble of adulthood. As each day progresse...
Adam French14 days ago
Refresh Button Pt. 1: Creating a Strategic System to Reach My Long-Term Goals
After a conversation with Nico De Bruyn where he opened my eyes to all the amazing entrepreneurial opportunities in existence, I realized I needed to take a bit to really step back and strategically p...
Leigh Fisher14 days ago
You Can't Force Someone to Chase Their Dreams
You're chasing a goal. You're pursuing your dreams, regardless of how uncertain the future is, laughing in the face of anything that will oppose you along the way. You're chasing your goals with such ...
Erika Hunter16 days ago
The Struggles of Post-Grad
In light of graduation season, I thought it'd be appropriate to write this post. The sole purpose of this, rather lengthy article, is to shed light to the unspoken realities of post-grad, and how many...
Leilani Salgado18 days ago
Starting from Scratch, and Defining Ourselves
You may have noticed that our blog is heavily travel inspired, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that when we first started out, that’s all that it was. It’s hard because sometimes you start f...
Julee G24 days ago
Lifestyle Blogs vs Reality
I have always had a fantasy world going on in my head, like a movie, when scrolling through the beautiful feeds of Instagram. I see people on the beach with their matching hand bag and towel whilst ha...
Goosey Q.a month ago
From a Get-Together to Not Forever
After a night at the movies, I didn’t have much sleep before work. Having a lot of alarms forces me to get up and leave on time. That being said, I’m starting to think that my curfew for work is neces...