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John Michael2 months ago
Control Over Yourself
Trial and error, that's what our imperfect world has to offer. Trial and error, the building of self ... I'm currently reading Human, All Too Human by Nietzsche (that plus other books I keep rotating ...
Britt Carter2 months ago
Avoiding Comfort
A month ago I left my home of 21 years for a small Caribbean island. Leaving my roots has been nothing short of an adventure. I have had to get used to a new atmosphere, adapt to a different culture, ...
Jerome Shaw2 months ago
Fear's Favorite Food
Fighting Back and Taking Action
Rachel Ann2 months ago
Day 45, February 15, 2019. Hello to everyone out there. I do apologize for my absence and lack of activity. These past few weeks haven’t been the easiest for me. I’ve also been deciding how much infor...
Josh boyd2 months ago
3 Tips to Being Happier
There we were, sitting at the kitchen table. My toddler and I in a stalemate over an important decision, whether or not to eat dinner. On this day, like many others, it was apparent that things were n...
Sumbee Lifestyle2 months ago
How to Live to Your Fullest
Many people run around never really knowing why they are doing something and why life feels like it has no meaning. They tell themselves that one day it will all work out and be glorious as soon as th...
T-Flo 2 months ago
Win or Learn, Never Lose
Well, to be honest, I'm not much of a writer. I live most of my life of spontaneity and improvisation. Anyways, I wanted to share a silly, yet simple idea that I like to always keep in mind. It's as s...
Missy Conley2 months ago
Your Heart Knows the Path to Your Dreams...
The very last lesson of enlightenment, before you clear your mind, body, and spirit for complete and absolute healing, is self love. When you get to this aspect of healing, expect tears. Lots and lots...
Abigail White2 months ago
Welcome to My World
Hello Readers, I wanted my first story to explain a little about myself as well as to give a bit of a base to my future stories. If anyone has any personal questions, would like to ask for advice, or ...
SEWI .2 months ago
The Acceptance We Seek Is in the Self-Love We Lack
Imagine you logged in to your social media apps and you could not see how many likes, views, comments, shares, etc., the people you follow have, would you still feel the same way towards them? I say t...
Kayla Triplett2 months ago
How to Find Motivation
Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. -Unknown
Cristina R2 months ago
The 10 Year Challenge
Dear Self, I know it may seem never ending but I promise you it'll be okay. I promise you this bullying won't destroy you. Cristina, in 10 years, you'll be a college student studying psychology. This ...
Justyce Gomez3 months ago
What Does a Work in Progress Really Mean?
What is the world as we know it? Is it a bunch of hipsters sitting at a Starbucks scrolling through their Twitter feed searching for the latest Kardashian gossip? Is it a bunch of Generation Z adolesc...
Jerome Shaw3 months ago
The Acres Around You
Realizing the Riches Within Reach
Lanae Ti3 months ago
I'm Brittany and I'm a victorious college transfer student at a community college. I'm studying to be freelance graphic designer. So on, I'm going to be writing about godly lifestyles. My ...
Jerome Shaw3 months ago
Getting Rid of Plan B
The Effects of Not Having a Safety Net
Kacie Turton3 months ago
Thank You
Dear Amazing Vocal Readers, Oh, how I can't thank you all enough. When I say thank you, it is to you the reader, and to Vocal as a platform. Vocal has helped me truly find my voice and find joy sharin...
The Millers3 months ago
Don’t Avoid Having a Vision
Over the last few days, I have really been digging through old notebooks and going back to the plan that I created for my work this year (instead of making six more plans lol 🙃). Last year, I did the...