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Jaz Johnstonea month ago
Being OK with Others' Disapproval
When you really care about someone, you care about what they think of you. It's a perfectly normal part of forming connections. When I buy a new item of clothing, I wonder if my husband will like it. ...
Ariana Willisa month ago
For When Everything Falls Apart
Have you ever felt like you had your whole life together? Hook, line, and sinker, 'I'm gonna be a neuroscientist, and marry Ryan Gosling and tame his wild soul, and vacation in those huts on the water...
Amber Nasersa month ago
Turning to Light After Being Exposed to Darkness
I used to write in sad verses only Where the broken stayed broken But was wishing for a new start Where someone would listen to the words they have spoken. That way they would know that they’re crying...
Auti Landa month ago
Are You a Lost Soul?
These are signs of being a lost soul, ways to reconnect, and the life changing benefits of doing so.
Kameron Brazzlea month ago
8 Things You Should Know About Life
This is a list containing advice for living your life in the best way possible.
Caleb Bronsona month ago
Pushing Forward
I don't know anyone who doesn't want to be "successful." Literally, everyone I know wants some form of "success." That brought me to the question: if everyone wants success, why is it that there are v...
Success Is Buried Within You
Dream it, believe it, become it. The key to succeeding in life is birth deep down within you. From the very day that you were born you were created to be SUCCESSFUL. It is one thing in life to have a ...
M Fa month ago
To My Younger Self: This Is for You
This is to the girl who never felt like she fit in. The girl who never had a lot of friends. The girl who always stood out in the crowd. The girl that just wanted to be like every other girl. This is ...
Shawntelle Moncya month ago
New Moon Bay Leaf Ritual
The next new moon will be in our sky this 18th, and the time couldn’t be any more perfect the current situation in my life. Though I am so happy to be back home with my loving family, working and earn...
A Letter to My Younger Self
Do you ever wish that you could write a letter to your younger self? To let little 14-year-old you know that even though they have no idea what they're doing or who they are right now, everything is g...
Kate Chessya month ago
Promises to Myself I Will Quit Breaking Before 2019
Recently, I have found myself really inspired by author, lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur, Rachel Hollis. She has this movement called The Last 90 Days, which inspires people to keep pushing toward...
Officialcal__ a month ago
A New Beginning
I have always been the kind of person to sit back and watch everything happen, have decisions made for me, told how to do certain things. Its not that i wasn't ready to spread my wings, it was the fea...
Mercedes Lucasa month ago
What Are You Going to Do?
Hello. What's your name? What brings you here to this article today? Perhaps, the title interested you! Or, maybe it was the cover picture that drew you in... Whatever it may have been, "it" brought y...
Eric Burdona month ago
Ask and You Shall Receive
It's not out of the ordinary for so many of us to feel stuck at various points in our lives. To feel like we are alone and that no one wants to help us. For several years I felt like that and a lot of...
Brittany Powersa month ago
24 Things I Learned by 24
Society has a way of making us feel like failures when we do not follow the timeline that has been set out for us. School, graduate, career, partner, house, marriage, babies... this narrative is getti...
Nelson James2 months ago
Embrace the Things You Don't Like About Yourself!
Hello everyone. My name is Nelly James. I have been through many trying times where I have felt to just just give up and throw in the towel because I always felt as if I wasn't good enough for anybody...
Sam 2 months ago
Life Lessons
So today, I'm feeling horrible, I'm sick!! My head is throbbing, like someone is using a jack hammer in there, my sinuses are blocked beyond belief—but I'm still writing because I made a commitment to...
Mera Rico2 months ago
Without Friends
First grade, I remember my first best friend and exactly how we met. I was such a quiet child and at that time I didn’t know much English so she was always there to help. I loved her so much. In secon...