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Rachel Ann2 months ago
2018 Reflection
Everything I Learned This Year
Vincent Graziano2 months ago
My Toxic Quality
The other morning I made a revealing discovery about myself: I have toxic qualities. I think a lot of us do, maybe all of us, but when you realize the qualities or traits that you may have, it's very ...
Shauna Campbell 2 months ago
Pain Is Preparing You for Your Destiny
Your mistakes from your past don't define you. They are not who you are. You are much greater than your mistakes. Just look at them as lessons that you should grow from. If you stay focused on all the...
Benny Njuguna2 months ago
Africa has a wealth of sayings from proverbs to idioms. This article will list some interesting and funny African proverbs with meaningful meanings or advice.
Peter Ellis2 months ago
Death of the Dreamers: The Pursuit of Happiness
A few years ago, when a lot of my friends left for university, I stayed behind. A lot of you may already know why. For those who don't, the TL;DR is, I was incredibly depressed and didn't think going ...
Morgan E. Westling2 months ago
Ways to Make Your Life Better Today
If you want to make your life better today, it isn’t that difficult. To improve your life, you can take small actions that will make a bigger impact than you may think. If you focus on the bigger pict...
M F3 months ago
Detaching to Save Yourself
It’s not about not caring. It’s about prioritizing your caring. It's about separating yourself from toxicity. It’s about choosing what is truly important to you. It's about taking back control of your...
Yvonne Glasgow3 months ago
5 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Stress Less
Stress is bad for you, but we all do it. We stress over work, home life, how our kids are doing, how we’re going to pay the bills and so much more. The things we have to stress about are never-ending,...
Amber Nasers3 months ago
How to Battle Your Holiday Stress
December. Loved by many. Hated by just as many. To those who love it, it's a time where it's a winter wonderland—full of wonder and adventure. However, for us, less fortunate souls, 'tis the season th...
Nejat Bradshaw3 months ago
You Were Born Relentless. Own Up!
As Tim Grover has said in his book RELENTLESS, “Born bad. Taught to be good. Or if you prefer: born relentless, taught to relent” We all have the bad side. It’s the “dark and evil” side of us, the qua...
angie _3 months ago
Attract Money
For a long time, I thought that money was a bad thing. I was told that you have to work hard to get money. If you want children, a big house, if you want to travel, you need money. A lot of it. Everyo...
Trai Greer3 months ago
If You're Looking to Be More Efficient with Your Time, like I Am, Then This Will Help Us Both
Time and time again, I've watched myself let days slip away. I'd have things in mind to do but fail to actually get it done. As a college student, the sense of urgency to do an assignment doesn't come...
Morgan E. Westling3 months ago
Things Confident People Say
In many ways, confident people can talk without thinking as much because they have confidence. Insecure people don’t have this luxury because they are constantly worried about what others think. Confi...
Shauna Campbell 3 months ago
Fight That Feeling
Every day will not be easy but you must keep fighting. Push yourself. Keep going. Put one foot in front of the other. Hold your head up high. Everyone knows what it is like to have hard days. Days whe...
Rita Hurry3 months ago
I Am Me
So what if I was just me. Pure and simple. No explanations just me. How would that be? Ask yourself this question right now. How does it feel? Exciting? or nerve racking? Why do many of us, struggle t...
Shauna Campbell 3 months ago
Ignite the Fire Within You
She rises in the morning with the burning within her to be better than she was yesterday. No one is her competition except for the person that she was yesterday. Once her feet touch the ground you kno...
Tera Summers3 months ago
Focus on Love
“There are so many people who love you. Don’t focus on the ones who don’t.” Saw that meme on Facebook the other day. I don’t know who quoted that but it is a powerful revelation. I guess it’s not just...
D.S. Fisichella3 months ago
Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me
Dear sixteen-year-old me, I know you think you're just waiting for your life to begin, you keep saying to yourself that first you have to graduate high school, figure out a career path to follow, and ...