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Tammi Hoernera month ago
This Is Your World, Shape It
This morning’s cup of joe is reminding me that I have changed my entire life. I bought this cup in 2009. The time of my life that I took my power back. Let me ask you, do you sometimes feel defeated? ...
How to Overcome Life's Potholes
Do you ever have those moments where, out of nowhere, life shit hits you like a thundering steam train, followed by every connected carriage rolling over you whilst you’re down? And it’s never just on...
Ambi Ambition2 months ago
There Is Strength in Weakness
Imagine an ice sculpture of a swan. Each curve, each detailed carving in the wings, the beak, the arch of the neck, every aspect formed to realistic perfection. But behind the awe of it, there is frag...
Usha Siva2 months ago
3 Kinds of People Who Will Never Succeed
I’m going to go out on a limb here to state something bold in this article. With utmost conviction through professional experience, and having devoured thousands of books on success and successful peo...
Traci Lea LaRussa2 months ago
5 Habits That Inspire Action
We won’t stay inspired if we set our goals based on societies version of greatness. Sure, money, fame, and power, is a common standard for success—but it doesn’t have a lot of substance. We'll be a lo...
Rachel Forbes2 months ago
9 Amazing Blogging Tips for the Newbies
If you want to be someone who wants to inspire and motivate people, then there are some points that you should pay special attention to. A lot of people only concentrate on gaining many followers, but...
Alicia 2 months ago
Finding Your Bliss in Chaos
I briefly caught up with some creative friends this week, which is crazy rare for me these days because I hardly leave the house. Why would I want to? I have a lovely modern apartment with a north fac...
Hadley Frances2 months ago
Darling, Take a Little Power Back
I have this friend... She is intelligent, educated, classy, kind, and talented. In addition to these qualities, she is thin, blond, blue-eyed, possess a soft voice everyone loves to hear, AND has a gr...
Lindsay W2 months ago
How to Make Money Doing What You Love
Today, I wanted to talk about the idea of doing what you love while getting paid for it, because from my own experience, it seems that so many people are just worried about making a living, which real...
Ambi Ambition2 months ago
The Power of "What If?"
I wish. I'll try. I can't. How many times a day do these words cross your mind or come out of your mouth? Probably more than you can count. Let me fill you in on something, lovelies. That doubtful voi...
Vivian LaBouche2 months ago
Value Versus Price
The value of any product or service is indubitable in the eyes of the beholder, but I believe that the way we measure value is often clouded by what we want rather than what it's actually worth. One o...
Woman With an Edge2 months ago
Confidence when Confidence Gets Low
Whenever my confidence is low, I just think of the times that seemed impossible, the times when I felt like I could not achieve. One term while attending college, I made the winter term dean's list al...
Nicole Addison2 months ago
All In Perfect Timing
Sometimes we have the tendency to try to take control over everything in our lives. We desire for things to go as planned, things to be presented to us on time, and for everything to work out a certai...
Bailey Welki2 months ago
A Letter to My Future Self
I know you feel like you need to be doing a million different things and want to accomplish so many things, but quit putting a time limit on your work. You’re a perfectionist, and so focused on the de...
Zelitical .2 months ago
Dealing with Pain
The following applies predominantly to mental pain, but the coping methods can, in some circumstances, be applied to physical pain.
Robyn Henson2 months ago
What's the Cost of Love
There's love that cultivates itself in ways that are according to your manifestation. The life surrounding it, however, has been interrupted by the phases of the Earth. The phases of which societal vi...
Spencer Schmidt2 months ago
Your Life's Hard Because You Choose the Easy Way
What if everything you've felt about yourself could change... for the better... in a month? What about a week... or a day? Would that be a positive for you? Would that help you change the way you see ...
Nicole Addison2 months ago
Is This the Real You?
If you were to take a look inside yourself right now, what would you see? How about your feelings. How do you feel? Stressed? Overworked? Drained? Life can be harsh if we forget to make the time. The ...