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Jessica Roberts21 days ago
How To Change Your World
We all want to make the world a better place (except on those days where we wouldn't mind watching it burn, either), but such a concept seems impossible and nostalgic, at best. Corruption, fraud, huma...
Princeton Clark22 days ago
Change Is One Decision Away
Have you ever looked at your life and wondered... “How did I get here?” or better yet, “How do I get out of this insanity that I’ve created for myself?” Don’t you wish you could just change it all? We...
Mac Childs22 days ago
MORE Rules Every Man Should Live By
Is being a gentleman a dead art? I know, that’s pretty dramatic. Unnecessary drama aside, I do sometimes wonder if the art of being a gentleman is dead… or at the very least wasting away in a hospital...
Rach Da Gem22 days ago
Impossible, Until Done
I can recall being young and having the dream of becoming a lawyer. I knew I would be a lawyer and didn't see any other option for myself. I knew I was going to wear my pin-striped suits with stiletto...
Diviesh B23 days ago
Spend Time with Your Heroes
First of all, do you have any heroes? Someone you look up to. Someone you idolise. Everyone who wants to achieve something in life needs to have a hero. The reason is as follows. Primarily, we need to...
- Karaedan -24 days ago
Just Do It
"If you can't beat fear, do it scared." Lately I have been forcing myself to do the little ideas I get in my head that I usually shy away from; the things that are not hard to do; the things that just...
Lauren Day25 days ago
// BEING (Almost) 18 //
Wow. It's almost here. I'm 2 days away from being 18 and I don't know how to feel. I know that more opportunities are going to come my way in life and I know that more things are going to open up for ...
Rachel Ann25 days ago
Procrastination / Motivation
The Topic We All Could Use Some Help With
Rhonda Taylora month ago
10 Tips for Sparking Motivation in Your Life
Football player and coach Vince Lombardi once said something that we find to be extremely motivating (and true): “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” Ca...
Ashlee Douglassa month ago
Dream Big Dreams
Sitting here attempting to find myself a damn job really is making me miss college. At least there, I had shit to do. Now, I’m stuck in a job, unhappy and tired… I’m done. I’ve had it. But that’s a st...
Yasmine Howella month ago
My whole life I’ve just thought some clothes were for boys and some clothes were just for girls. Until high school started and I started to see more and more people dress however they want. Such as on...
Morgan P. a month ago
Having It All Together
Do you often hear people comment when asked how they are doing that they are "working on it" or " getting it together"? WHY is this a constant when we are supposed to be getting our lives together ear...
Daniel Noblea month ago
Every morning I have my alarm set for 5 AM. I wake up and have two pints of water before doing a 20-minute stretch routine followed by a breakfast of two eggs, scrambled, crispy kale, avocado, and toa...
Focusing When You Have to but Can't
Sitting down to create something—whether that is a story, an illustration, or an assignment for work, even holding onto that pencil, or hands raised above the keyboard—you still can't create. And mayb...
R Da month ago
I don't know about you, but when I used to hear the word “Ritual” I always envisioned something like an altar with a bunch of candles or some sort of sacrificial offering taking place. Thankfully, how...
R Da month ago
Meditating in the Shower
If you’re anything like me, you’ve read self-help books, and you know the tools you need to adopt a better lifestyle. If you’re anything like me, you also always fail to integrate these tools into you...
Gabriella Gracea month ago
Be Present
Create the space to be here now.
Brianna Pricea month ago
On Your Own
It's been an extremely long and hard day. I woke up at four o' clock this afternoon. It rained all day and I guess that that didn't help my mood at all either. I am currently having a good amount of f...