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Nick Sitzmana month ago
The Case for Making a Change
Three years ago, I started my new career as a teacher. I was to teach middle school social studies; history, geography, economics, etc. Two months into my second year teaching middle school, I was so ...
Bradford Chasea month ago
What Response Will Make You Handle Life Better?
Another eight minutes passed before the keyboard started making noise again. The words appearing on the page created a dialog different from the one mulling around in my head. The voices are seldom lo...
Chloe Elisea month ago
You: Becoming Bolder
Not every person is born with the natural inclination to share themselves with the world. Some are outgoing, some are introverted, and some are quiet. We feel different levels of comfort in different ...
Awkwardly Thema month ago
The Road to You
Finding yourself in today’s society.
Lazy Girl Tips for Productivity
AKA: How to get stuff done when you want to do nothing.
Melody Keea month ago
“Hey, World. Don’t Hurt Me.”
Birth. I don’t think many of us really REALIZE how insane the process of birth is, and I don’t think I’m going to even try to get into it, but the basic idea is this—transition. We go from complete sa...
Kari Oakleya month ago
What to Add in Your Life to Stay Motivated
At times, life can get hard and dull. The job may get distressing and the people you love may seem to get distant. At these times, it is of monumental importance for you to keep going and to stay moti...
Serenity Mask a month ago
It’s Time
It’s Time… We’ve been dumbing down and numbing out for long enough. It’s time for stepping up, and standing up once and for all. How can we break the cycles if we blindly accept them without a thought...
S. E. Gregorya month ago
On Writer's Block
I don’t think I’ve ever really understood the concept of writer’s block. I know there are times where we don’t know what to write next. I’ve always got ideas, but sometimes I’m uninspired. However, th...
Acheini Xa month ago
Having a Mind of My Own
There are so many flippant quotes and statements being flung about on social media and the rest of the internet that, in my mind, have contributed to the shut down of general sense and basic intellige...
Jessica Nixona month ago
Finding Your Inner Peace
Finding your inner peace is difficult in our crazy world... but not impossible. I love the quote, "Don't let people draw you into their storm; bring them into your peace." It signifies a chaos that su...
Nicole Addisona month ago
Escaping Your Mind
So, what’s on your mind right now? Any thoughts? Worries? Concerns? Is there any annoying chatter? Any upsetting feelings, complaints, or complicated questions? Our minds continue to talk, day in and ...
Toni Inwanga month ago
How to Strengthen Your Creative Muscle
As someone who is currently working to improve my craft in all aspects of the word, I thought it would be beneficial to share how I do this in the hopes of helping others who might not be sure where t...
Jennah Mitchella month ago
Making Time for What Matters
Y'all, life is crazy. If someone had told me 12 years ago when I first started the married-with-kids chapter of my life that I would have three (almost four) kids—and four dogs, that I would have star...
Ambi Ambitiona month ago
Rise and Grind: 8 Morning Habits for the Ambitious
When asked what the key to success is, everyone will tell you something different. Hard work. Determination. Vision. Ambition. None of them are wrong. There is no right or wrong answer because success...
Warren Browna month ago
Claim Your Right to the Spotlight
Instead of moving aside and allowing everyone to move ahead of you in life, it is time for you to claim your place in the sun. If you have a hobby or an interest in life, try to develop it in your spa...
LeLa Beckera month ago
"I Am"
"Ahum de LeeLa:" To be in God's light. From this, I was named. A simple four letter word, attached to my soul to ripple energy out into the universe. "Ahum de Leela," "Ahum de Leela," "Ahum de Leela."...
Pamela Dirra month ago
A Message for the Younger Generation
I’m a bicentennial baby. Yes, I was born in 1976. My parents are Army vets. Yes, I said Army vets. I grew up in a caring household. My parents weren’t overly strict, but they also didn’t let me do wha...