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Brady Younga year ago
Rejection and Doubt
When we hear the words "rejection" or "doubt," they are always associated with negativity, sadness, and just all around bad terms. But what if they could be turned around for good? Instead of viewing ...
Bobby M.a year ago
How YOU Can Be a Little Better Than Yesterday
You know, sometimes when you think that the world just sucks and you just want to just scream and yell at your puppy for no apparent reason... don't. That puppy did nothing to you except pee on the ca...
Rachael Wilsona year ago
It Will Be Okay
Okay, so I do not identify as a scholar or writer. I am often surprised by how creative I can be. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, after all, I am left-handed and there is a multitude of research tha...
Julie Katea year ago
Be You
With peer pressure, be that positive or negative, being yourself can be hard to do. Not only is it hard to be yourself, but at times, it can be incredibly difficult to do the things that YOU want to d...
FKIN MENTALa year ago
People Don't Like You?! You Can Hate Yourself?!
5 Truths You Gotta Accept for Self-Acceptance
Ryan Jonesa year ago
10 Lessons From a Lost Twenty Something
“Welcome to Jack in the Box, how can I help you?” “Hi…” I tragically mumbled into the drive thru speaker for the third time that week. “Can I have four tacos with no sauce and a few salt packets.” “Su...
Why You Shouldn't Settle
All too often, we find ourselves constantly settling for second best. Perhaps we might decide to settle because we have tried everything, drained every possible option, yet, nothing seems to be workin...
Hanna Wingatea year ago
Liking Myself
At the age of 19, I am beginning to learn the benefits of liking myself, and more importantly liking being around myself. See there has always been, within my own mind, and freakish separation between...
Chloe Lallouza year ago
There seems to be an interesting thing that happens to us humans between the ages of 25 and 29. For some, it comes a little sooner, others later, but eventually, we all realize that we are here. But w...
Lianne Coopera year ago
Time to Say Goodbye
“How is it almost Christmas already?” “This year has gone so fast!” “Where has the time gone?” We get it. Christmas trees, carol concerts, mistletoe and mulled wine. Often the festive season is one of...
Ali Gilla year ago
What a big day for me. I am at a crossroads. The end of another year, Christmas and celebration looming. I do not feel like celebrating. No, actually I do. I am celebrating the changes to come. I am c...
Meghan Harrisa year ago
You Are More
It’s 2:54 PM on Monday, December 4, 2017 and it can be really hard to remember why your heart is beating today. Monday’s are hard days. You may still be in recovery mode from a really long weekend fol...
Jonci Pottsa year ago
9 Crucial Things I Wish I Had Learned Sooner in Life
I have had many great teachers in my life, but none have taught me more than the greatest teacher of all-life. Through experience and problem based learning, life has given me more knowledge than any ...
Vanity Jonesa year ago
Ken Jouself
I guess it’s sort of a cliché to say, “confidence is key,” but as well as it is a cliché, it’s also very true. Someone told me that other day that people shouldn’t watch or go on social media, so that...
Brandi Kissa year ago
Do you think you are not good enough? Do you dream of owning that beautiful house or car, but tell yourself it will never be within your reach? Do you yearn for happiness in your life, but tell yourse...
Kat a year ago
You're Not Alone
Life can really suck sometimes. Sometimes you find yourself more lost than you ever thought possible and so you sit in front of your computer with tears running down your cheeks because life can get r...
Lauren Moorea year ago
Life Lessons: #1
As a nineteen-year-old, you may say that my life hasn't started yet, or maybe that you think I'm still ignorant of life and its life troubles. In fact, most will agree with this. I partially agree wit...
DeOndra Davisa year ago
20 Things to Remember Before You’re Old as Shit
Let’s jump right into this before your hair turns grey and ya bones get to crack-a-lacking.