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Scott Dodgson15 days ago
Offshore Explorer Stories
Passion is that barely containable emotion. It is that scintilla of uncontrollable fury so perfectly focused as to be defined as either religious possession or modified by words to describe its path, ...
Emily A16 days ago
Just Do It
A quick pep talk on why you shouldn't hesitate to do the things you want.
Katie Green16 days ago
Things I Wish I Knew
During my senior year in high school, I complied a list of things that I wish I knew. I also asked several of my friends what they wish they knew. This list consists of what I feel were the most impor...
Rick Beneteau19 days ago
Stay the Course and Finish the Race
She came into my life at the age of 14. This special teenager that suffers from ADHD—"squared!" She has a heart of gold and loves to please. She also possesses the mechanical aptitude to assemble a BB...
Wako Anindo20 days ago
The Heart Shaped Herb of Confidence 🌿
Where are you from? 🌍 Many a time have I seen an individual puff up their chest with pride as they tell everyone within ear shot that they represent south London. If that opening statement triggered ...
Eva N21 days ago
And Then Life Happens
Hello Stranger. I spelled stranger with a capital "s" because this is what you are right now. And this is what I am now too. To me, names make zero sense. Have you ever guessed who the person is and w...
Daisy Ray22 days ago
Living an Extraordinary Life
Let me tell you a story before we talk about yours: {I promise it’s relevant ❤️} Once upon a time, there was a girl who was perceived to be perfect. She did as her parents and her teachers said becaus...
Emily Stroia23 days ago
A Guide to Finding Your Life Calling
The search for your purpose can feel like an eluding muse; close enough but so far away. Sometimes in my own life I have felt this way, especially after life-changing events happened, like becoming a ...
Rick Beneteau23 days ago
The Power of Small
Routinely, I rise out of bed before the birds, and watch the sunlight flood my office every morning. See, I love this time of day! But what I don't love is being rudely rousted out of a deep sleep bef...
Naomi Morriston23 days ago
How I Generate New Ideas
What makes the difference between a fantastic idea and a the greatest idea? Great ideas come along all of the time, and help people solve minor issues in work and everyday life. Terrific ideas appear ...
The 10 Bases to Remain Positive About Yourself and Your Life
The world is a bit crazy out there. It is wild and wide; it takes you to different places, and asks you to live different experiences, not to mention feel different emotions. Sometimes everything sounds great, sometimes you are about to break down, but there are a couple of bases that can help you to keep going, and to feel positive with yourself anyway…
Leigh Hooper25 days ago
For When You’ve Had a Bad Day
Life isn’t always great. And that’s an understatement. Life is going to throw things at you unexpectedly and sometimes you’re just down for no reason. However, here’s what to do when you’ve had a bad ...
Bradford Chase25 days ago
Is Our Self-Induced Stress Fixable?
Fall is right around the corner, and is one of my favorite seasons for taking pictures. When the leaves get painted in reds, yellows, and sun-fire oranges, the camera hardly does justice to the artwor...
Brad Hammonda month ago
How to Make Everyday a Great Day
Are you having a bad day after day and had enough? Do you want to know how you make every day a great day? If so, I have put together a few specific steps that you should take each day if you really w...
Jerome Shawa month ago
How to Have More Peace
When the inner-me is not the enemy
Rick Beneteaua month ago
Can an Innocent Insect Teach Us About Life Purpose?
I was a guest at a lakefront party a few weeks ago. Lake St. Clair to be exact, the big body of shallow water that straddles the Great Lakes, Erie and Huron, yet has never been crowned as one of the G...
Rick Beneteaua month ago
The Lone Goose
I was out on the school track for my early morning walk while visiting my daughter this summer and met up with my usual companions—a large gaggle of Canadian Geese. This tightly organized community ge...
Jerome Shawa month ago
Learning to Let Go
Releasing what is holding you