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Stop and Smell the Roses!

In order to appreciate the sunshine, one must appreciate the rain. Learn to love them both equally.

How often do you stop and smell the roses? Is your life so busy, you cannot dedicate at least an hour to let your senses really take in life as it is. What do you do to give your mind a break from your everyday stress. If you have some sort of method of relaxation, meditation, some sort of mantra, that you use to steady your mind and body? I hope so, because in doing so, you are closer to living a somewhat less stressful life. At the end of the day isn't that what we all want; a stress free life. A life we can be content with.

 Stop and smell the roses for even just a day!

Most of the time we are comfortable under immense pressure, some even preform ten times better than they thought they would under pressure. Hence why the average line cook loves his job that much more. Because he is comfortable under pressure, he feels he is a good fit and excels at his career. Some crumble under the pressure, and cannot move forward at all. We even become so comfortable under the stress of life we end up walking around like stressed out zombies, not actually living life. Just existing... Don't just exist. LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Stop to smell the roses for an hour...

 It may feel that you are drained physically and mentally. You do, everything it seems to make time for yourself. But just about every time you finally sit down to meditate, something else is more important, and you end up skipping your meditation. Trust me, it even happens to me.  

Then this is for you, yes, YOU, that busybody that has no time for anybody, not even him/herself. If your life is a very busy and crazy one, know that I appreciate the time you have spent reading this. 

Stop and smell the roses for a minute.

All I would like to do is motivate you. Not the same old get up go, and get moving type of motivation that I usually spew out. Nope, not this time. I am encouraging you to slow down. It's that simple. Just slowing down to take the time to appreciate the life you have been given. To meditate, to relax your mind and body. So go ahead, take a break. Have a blast this day is your day!

Stop and smell the roses for a second.

You might even think that if you do have just one whole day as a rest day, or a "me" day, everything you are working toward will fall apart. But i'm here to tell you it will not. If you have taken the necessary precautions e.g. booking a day off from work, getting a babysitter, whatever it may be: everything will be fine when you come back to it. Chances are you have been working hard, very hard to be more specific, and have not rewarded yourself adequately. So go ahead, take your day at the spa, take your day to go drive down to the lake. Go and get your dog pampered. If that's your go-to thing to do. Go spend some time with your loved ones and people close to you. I can list off examples for hours. But only you know what relaxes you, and puts you at ease. Simply have a guilt-free, stress-free day just for you. I know you want to. And you know you deserve it. Just this time, do not let anything stop you from smelling the roses.

So, please, stop and smell the roses! Because you never know how much time you may have left to smell them.

Stopping to smell the roses won't delay you as much as you think it will! 

-Merrick Phillips 

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Stop and Smell the Roses!
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