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Stepping Stones

The Beginning of My Spiritual Path

Like a merry-go-round at the carnival the world goes round, the horses go up and down in a circle until time's up, and then it’s the same cycle all over again...

In this country, people are the horses in this spinning world and just like every other person, we all go up and down in the same cycle until time's up. But this isn’t a merry go round story because I made sure I got off that ride. I went for the roller coaster, because life should be filled with ups and downs that you’ll never regret, an adrenaline rush that a merry go round life could never give.

Cloudy Minds

It started when my mind was cloudy, like murky water when you kick the sand after stepping into the ocean. The path I thought I had to follow was no longer clear in sight. I felt disoriented, like I didn’t know where I was going with myself and life... I was lost. I felt out of control trying to have so much control. I was always thinking of creating a lifestyle acceptable to the eyes that surrounded me. Then I realized something, and it changed a part of me. I stopped trying to imagine this typical path that everyone approved of and took a step into the path I couldn't see, the path no one else could see, the path that made me free.

That path was my spirituality.

Eye Opener

Spirituality is an eye opener. It’s revealed in someone’s life when they’ve finally awaken. They get a glimpse of a whole new universe and it shows a person their higher self and a better reality that not everyone is aware of. When this side is discovered, people begin to notice the never ending cycle society has put us on. The free spirit begins to notice the unnatural pattern and restriction. The body and mind begin to realize what’s good and bad for it and your being becomes more connected with the universe. 


Knowledge is infinite and so are possibilities. On this path, I’ve discovered many things but not everything. My goal is to discover the true hidden treasures of the universe that have been lost over time. I enjoy taking time for myself daily to practice meditation, the key to reaching your higher self and clearing the mind. I’m a beginner in yoga and I’ve learned it’s a healthy mechanism to release stress and anxiety. I’ve also come to learn the benefits certain positions bring to a person and their body. My diet has changed immensely. I’ve cut out chicken and red meat from my diet completely and have turned over to pescatarian. My body is my temple and in order for it to thrive I need to make sure I nourish it properly every day. Crystal healing is the best way to manifest and balance the chakras. Their beautiful energies bring many opportunities and happiness. This path has brought me peace and happiness. Every day gets brighter and even when things are a little dull, there’s always a reminder that there’s a light at the end of every dark tunnel.. 


Murky waters no longer blur my vision. I now see beyond the mountain tops. I dream above the clouds and reach for the stars. I finally feel at ease and peace going with the flow of the wind and whatever direction it leads me. In this journey I get to explore a new way I'm not familiar with. Who knows what else I might see or learn, but I know wherever I go I'll find my way, because like stepping stones, the universe drew out this path for me to follow every step of the way. 

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Stepping Stones
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