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Alexis Runyon2 days ago
Motivation to Be Yourself
I am going to start with an introduction of the past me, the me that I've been on a year long journey to repair. I am Alexis Runyon. I've gone by many names: FatboyJefferson on Wattpad, GutterGurl on ...
The Quarter-Life Crisis
Chatting with a work friend just the other day, she reminded me that next week was her birthday. I asked her what age she was going to be and she delightedly replied “27.” As soon as I heard the numbe...
Holly Paine15 days ago
Say Yes to You
We all need a little reminder from time to time to stop and smell the roses. While working on my MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I’ve found these concepts to be especially important not only ...
J Buntin20 days ago
I'll Be Happy When
"I'll be happy when..." A common phrase many of us have uttered. I'll be happy when the bills are paid. I'll be happy when my spouse gets home. I'll be happy when we are living in our new home. I'll b...
Amber Nasersa month ago
Turning to Light After Being Exposed to Darkness
I used to write in sad verses only Where the broken stayed broken But was wishing for a new start Where someone would listen to the words they have spoken. That way they would know that they’re crying...
Nicole Moneghana month ago
7 Ways to Be Happy Today
Woke up in a funk? I feel you. That's usually how I wake up in the morning. Usually I dread getting out of bed and wish to ignore all of my responsibilities for the day. The only way that I can get my...
Eric Burdon2 months ago
What to Do When You Feel Stuck
We all have moments in our lives where we feel absolutely stuck in life. We're lost, confused, and chances are we ask ourselves: "How in the world did I get here?" Our own decisions that we make in ou...
Michael Thielmann2 months ago
7 Habits of Highly (In)Effective People
Author's Disclaimer: The following article is, in actuality, a parody based loosely on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. My intention in writing this article is to shed some light on various unconscious tendencies that I have overcome in my own personal and professional life. Perhaps you will resonate with my ideas and have a laugh (at my expense) along the way! _____________________________________________________________________________
Madi Whysitmatter3 months ago
A Guide to (Maybe) Finding Yourself
I wish I could start this off by promising you a fast, 10-minute, easy fix solution, that I could somehow train your mind, body, and soul to sync in perfect harmony by the time you finish reading the ...