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Spread Love

Let's build each other up.





Are all things that can hinder you from being who you are supposed to be.

Spending all your time looking at what other people are doing and talking about them; then how can you expect to prosper. This is the kind of behaviour that will block your blessings and make your life much harder than it is supposed to be.

Always wishing people bad or secretly hoping for them to fail is very toxic.

It is not ok to promote negative thinking or negative conversations. It is better to promote positive behaviour and to wish people well even if they are doing better than you in life. You should uplift them and support them, instead of looking for something to criticize.

Hating other people for no reason what does that do for you?

Being jealous of someone because they have something you want or that they are progressing in life. How does that make you sleep at night?

Think about it maybe people are progressing in life and passing you because they are too busy minding their own business and spending time bettering themselves instead of spending all their time focusing on others and trying to bring others down.

If people would close their mouths when they felt as if they were going to say something bad about someone else, then things would be much better. If we all would promote love instead of hate imagine how much better this world would be?

Instead of criticizing people, you should say some uplift words to them. If you don’t like the clothes, they wear then keep it to yourself no one needs to know about it. If you and someone else had a disagreement keep it to yourself don’t go around tearing them down with everyone you see. Trying to form an army against the person. I am just going to let you know that is very toxic behaviour.

We want peace in the world but, yet we are fighting against every person we meet. You don’t like this person, you don’t like that person. That says more about you than it does say about the other person if you don’t like everyone you meet. That speaks volumes.

If we want peace in the world then it starts with us. The little things we do on a day to day basis may seem small but small things can grow into very big things. It may start off with little comments about what that person who walks into the room maybe wearing and then it grows into full-blown hatred for them. It is better to stop a behaviour from when it is something small instead of waiting until it grows into something toxic.

If what you are going to say doesn’t motivate someone or promote love for another person, then it is better for you to keep it to yourself instead of spreading that toxic behaviour to others. Go sit in a corner and keep that to yourself.

For the new year let us disregard this backbiting, jealousy, envy, and gossiping and let us work to build one another up.

Promote love instead of hate.

Promote peace instead of war.

Work on the small things before they grow into something big that we can’t control.

If we do this you would be surprised how much different our lives would be, how much different this world would be.

We all have a part to play.

Make sure it counts.

Support one another. Let’s spread love. Let’s build up one another.

We can make tomorrow much better than today is, if we spread love to everyone we meet instead of hatred.

Make sure positive comments come out of your mouth instead of negative ones.

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Spread Love
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