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Speaking Through Your Soul

A Guide to Being That Shining Light...


There are many paths that you can choose to take in this world with the life that you have been given. It's solely up to you of what you make of that short time. You can choose to live a life of selfishness and indulge yourself in every vice known to man since the beginning of time. Drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling—the possibilities are virtually endless, but if you are anything like me, you feel lost and you cannot seem to place your finger on why you do not quite fit in. Everyone around you seems to go about in their daily lives in a seemingly, endless circle that all ends with the same finality that is the furthest thing from glorious, death. Every single day, we wake up we have a choice. Do we live the same day that we lived yesterday, or do we take hold of what the new day's possibilities have to offer.

I am in no way a master of my own craft, but I believe that I have become something that is rare and that has allowed me to see the world with unique insight. I would like to share something with you today that I hope you find useful in your own life. This a shout out to those that feel like they are stuck in their lives, and cannot "feel" for anything or at least feel like they do not feel anything any longer. If you are anything like me, the world around you is the equivalent to someone hurting an innocent child or a helpless animal, simply for the joy of causing pain to something else in an attempt to make themselves feel better. The reason that they feel better about themselves is that they are themselves suffering and enjoy casting that shadow of pain upon something else in an attempt to bring that person down to their level of suffering. Have you ever heard that misery loves company? This is exactly what I am talking about. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle that will inevitably be repeated despite the effort that I am encouraging you to take here. There is hope for those that wish to disassociate themselves from this cycle and no longer want to contribute to its' repetition.

When you go out into the world you are going to encounter people that are walking around like shadows and wisps of what they actually are. Empty shells of human beings that are seeking for any excuse or opportunity to leech the positive energy that you are born with. If you give them this opportunity, they do not have the ability to deny themselves the act of sucking that energy away from you in an attempt to fill that void that they were born with. This is a guide to show you that you can "willfully" guard yourself from this negative gravity, but also fulfill your role as a healer on this planet by providing some residual positive energy that you can "gift" them. It takes a lot of hard work and will power, but when you arrive at this point in your walk, you will begin to see that positive change in those around you and it will change your life—for the better and for the better part of forever. So let us begin with a short scenario that most of us can relate to.

If you have ever found yourself walking through your local super market shopping for whatever things you need for the day or week and have come across that bleak sunshine of a negative person, then you know where I am going with this. The interaction can happen whenever it desires. It could happen while you are walking to the store, as you are shopping for your things, going through the check out lines, as you walk back to your vehicle, or even on your drive or walk home, but you can bet with certainty that it will, in fact, happen. That one person that appears to have woken up that same day as you, but with a different goal in mind, to ruin yours. You have to understand that these people are the ones in need of healing, but they are also in such a selfish way in their lives that they are in denial of the healing. They are so unconsciously leeching from those around them, therefore, they will not be healed by any amount of energy that they consume from those around them. Some could argue at this point as to what the point of trying to help those people would even profit, but my counter is that it is not really up to you to actually heal the person that is an impossibility. Your position is much more simple, and far less personal. Your ability to provide them with some of the residual, positive energy that you have stored for them is something that you have already prepared yourself for, so the interaction is not only anticipated, but will also appear as less of an inconvenience.

I implore to try something the next time this happens to you. When this interaction shows its ugly face and that person attempts to ruin your day. Look them square in the eye and challenge the negativity. I only encourage you to do this if you are prepared for the negative energy to bark back at you, but you will defeat this with the residual energy that you have prepared. The expectation from the negative person is that you will ignore them and have nothing to offer them. They feel like they are hopeless and have no reason to live in that moment of their lives. Of course, there are situations in life that we all go through that tear our perspectives away from the "now" and turn our minds toward things that we cannot control, but stress over to the point where it affects us physically. However, when you look that person in the eyes and you ask them if everything is okay or if there is anything that you can do for them, the air around them will instantly change. You have now placed yourself within firing range of that negativity, but you will see a change in their eyes. The look will start out as anger, resentment, or even hatred, but how can they truly hate you when they have never met you before? The look in their eyes will then change to one that you can see within those that need help. The look will appear similar to a person that is drowning or in certain danger of dying and is aware of it all, but is powerless to stop it. This is the person that you have prepared that energy for, and at this point is when you give it them.

You are not going to change their life right then and there, but they will never forget you. The positive energy that you have bestowed upon them will walk alongside them throughout the day, and hopefully throughout the week. The power of a kind word is greatly, underestimated today, but the power of a kind conversation is something that can truly change lives. Now, I am not going to pretend that all we need do is walk around with fake smiles on and pretend to have pleasant interactions with everyone we meet throughout our days. What I am suggesting is to stop ignoring that "gut" feeling you have to speak to someone in a certain way that makes you an individual. Far too often we are smacked in the soul with an opportunity to have "us" talk to someone else's "them." This may seem out there to some of you, but if you are still reading this then you believe in what I am saying and that means that the responsibility rests on your shoulders, and I will warn you that this goes further than most are willing to travel.

There was a movie released in 2000. It was a movie that showcases exactly what I am saying here, and you can watch the realization of how powerful this could be by it happening to the characters. Now, this film is just a story, but this mindset takes a certain level of honesty within yourself in order to work or be accepted. Anyone can spot an energy faker in a very short fraction of time, and when that faker is sniffed out that window is forever lost with that person. The movie I am referring to is Pay it Forward. The idea behind the film is that you meet a random person that has a need, and you go out of your way to fulfill that need but under one, very important condition. The person that you help must do the exact same deed for some other random person that they come across. The film takes this to an end in a creative way, but you see my point.

When you find yourself in the quiet valley of your mind, listening to the soft wind playing over the surface of the smooth water, the wildlife playing games within their little realms, attempting to not disturb that moment of serenity for you, I want you to imagine this. The peacefulness, calmness, and awareness that you feel at that moment in time could change the world if everyone around you could feel the same, or so I believe. However, in order to show people what it looks like is going to disturb something inside of your special place, and that disturbance forms as a stone in your hand. You have a choice at this moment. You can choose to stand there at the bank of that small, quiet lake and continue to soak in that beauty all for yourself. Or, you can take that stone and hurl it into the unknown realm of hope and possibility. Wherever the stone lands in the water makes little difference, but the reverberation of the ripples that it will cause, will generate the exact same way, from the center of impact. The only certainty is that if you choose to not throw the stone, the water will remain the same and nothing will change. I believe that the emptiness that everyone feels, that void I have heard it called, is fear. We are all standing on our banks, afraid to cast the first stone. No, we are not without sin, but you have to make the attempt to shatter that placid surface.

In closing, I simply wanted to show you a different way to see how you can change that world on a smaller scale. There are people out there that need someone to simply say something nice to them, no matter the capacity they are fulfilling for you at that moment. Find them and help them if they will let you, and never sell yourself short. One of the greatest lies that we are told today is that we are powerless within ourselves, but that is another topic for another time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you found something in my words that could help you. If you did not, then I still wish you the best possible life that you can have to live.

Be genuine, be real, feel everything, and live in the moment...

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Speaking Through Your Soul
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