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South for the Winter

Our Awareness of Self, and Its Ability to Create Choice

This morning, as I stood in my kitchen looking out across the valley and into the strips of blue sky that were slowly broadening their wings, I began to tap into the many birds chugging along at their own morning routine. This has begun to be quite a habit of mine. But today, it felt somehow a little more powerful than usual. As I stood in utter stillness and contemplation, a massive formation of geese came into view in a perfect and glorious “V.”

I watched the formation move across the sky with such beautiful precision, as if an artisan and his level put each one in its perfect place. Where were they going? How do they know that when they follow the leader exactly where in the formation they need to be. And how and why does that formation even happen? What is the invisible force that moves them to operate like that? Are we all moving in some invisible formation that is always taking us towards the place where we will thrive the most? Is there some giant being that can see the movements we make as humans and is it too asking, why is it that they move that way? Do they know that they move in such beautiful formation? Do they know that they are always moving towards the place where they will thrive, to be safe, and grow their families, nurture their young, grow old, and become wise with our experiences.

We move through this world so often with blinders on. With little awareness of the formations that we step into and how we are truly dancing in and out of these patterns with the world around us. In alignment with free will, we choose which formations to step in and out of at any given moment. Yet the patterns never fail us. It is the order in the chaos.

Some of these patterns we get caught in, not really understanding how it is that we continue to choose the same scenario time and time again. Some of these patterns we long to be a part of, and others fit just right and are exactly in alignment with who we are.

There, that is the crux of it, right? WHO WE ARE.

The patterns that are at play may have some higher cosmic source, but it is us that gets to choose who we are at any given moment, thus aligning ourselves into one of these mystical dances. If it is the essence of our being, and the very awareness of that essence that aligns us onto a path that most serves us, how is it that so many of us so often find ourselves asking the question: Who am I?

And how the bleep do we even begin to answer the question of all questions?

The answers lie so deep within each one of us, many have forgotten their existence. Who we are is part of the blueprint that we were born into this life with. It is the very essence, the core of our being. It is not to be found in the patterns of which we partake, or the higher powers that we do, or do not pray to.

In herbal medicine, we often speak of essential oils. These are the volatile oils that lie deep within a plants cells. It takes thousands upon thousand of roses to create a few drops of this precious oil. The oil is the Essence of that plant. Of that being. In ancient alchemy, essence is Spirit.

If we were to distill ourselves down. Take all the parts of us, re-member all those pieces that we have dropped, let go of or simply forgotten along the way, and press and condense them, we would begin to gain clarity around our own Essence, our own Spirit. The foundation of who we are. Once we begin to have clarity about that, we are given the gift of clarity around the patterns we are choosing to align with.

We actually get to choose if it is right for us to fly south for the winter or north for the summer. We get to choose our flock and those we surround ourselves with. We get to choose to step into the flow of our lives with eyes, and hearts, fully open.

What greater gift can we give ourselves than that?

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South for the Winter
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