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Social Media ... or Not So Much!?

Social Media and Our Love-Hate Relationship with it

Oh, the lovely world of social media, we all love it and sometimes, we hate it. Now if you know anything about me, I am someone who absolutely loves social media and uses the full potential of it to display my creativity and influence. I love being able to connect with others all across the globe, marketing to new clients and learning about cultures that I had no idea existed outside of social media. It is so beautiful to know there are so many people out there that are like you. Then, there are many others that are total opposites and they bless us with their absolute uniqueness. Learning to balance between the two and have many flowing personalities can be a wonderful thing. However, what we find sometimes is that we compare ourselves to others that are behind a glass screen, just like us, with a normal life.

That is where we queue in the hate relationship with social media. It sometimes is not all glitz and glamour but we have to remember that people choose to show the beautiful moments of their highlight reel. What you see on social media is not quite what you see behind closed doors. The people that seem like they have it all together have struggles and flaws too. They get anxiety like us and struggle with insecurity just like the next person.

When comparison becomes a culprit in our lives, it can make us feel helpless and feel like nothing in our life is going right. To be frank, it is not a way to live. We must free ourselves from it and the only way to do that is to love ourselves as we are in this very moment. We need to love our journey, not just our destination. We need to love our ups and our downs and heck, even our countless twists and turns that have left us out of breath, wondering, “What the heck just happened to me!” Those moments are just as beautiful as the moments where life seems to just flow quite easily. We need picture perfect quality lives to be worthy of security within ourselves. We do not need to be put together all of the time to be on point in every area of our lives. All we need, darling, is motivation to take the next step and eyes to see that it is okay to have imperfections and to absolutely love them.

When all else fails and you still find yourself comparing, take a look at your circle and think to yourself: “Am I surrounding myself with people that feed into my insecurity, tearing me down? Or do I find solace in the people around me as they constantly build me up and leave me feeling like the king or queen that I am?” Taking that kind of inventory of your life will help life make sense and then you can move forward with confidence as to what needs to change, what needs to leave altogether and what needs to stay as is.

Social media is a beautiful tool when done right. It takes that first step in creating a positive environment to finding peace in which you already are, so you do not have to hide behind picture perfect photos. I dare you to boldly be who you are, unashamed of your flaws and go forth with newfound confidence that only you can project. You are one of a kind and can have a beautiful highlight reel while still keeping it real and transparent behind closed doors.

Until next time, my beloveds. Enjoy this adventure!

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Katheryn Compton
Katheryn Compton

💃 || @peninnahcreations & @freedomdancerss || ❤ - Follower of Yeshua. Jewish Roots 🇮🇱 Traveler. Dancer. #FreeLancer. Artistic. Plant Based. 🌱🌴 Lover of life & all things beachy! 😻

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Social Media ... or Not So Much!?
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