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Self-Reflection and Time

Lead to Success

Time changes your perspective, especially when you lose ground with your inner self. I had totally exhausted most of my energy into my studies with little success, until I learned the art of self-reflection and time. Sometimes we tend to drift apart by doing what we need to do to survive, and we find ourselves in the midst of confusion and unsound decisions. Conflict is never with anyone, but with self. The complexities of the world leave us totally shrouded in confusion. Self-reflection is the constant reminder of who we are. There are occasions when one neglects the time to reflect. The only way to rectify the issue of neglect is to uncover the layers of who you are. Even though you have been constantly busy with mundane stuff, you feel that you have made progress in reaching some goals. There can never be an end to self-discovery. It’s a constant journey that knows no end.

Time spent in honest self-reflection suddenly unveils a constant need to reveal the true core of a greater impact in life. To live life with a sense of purpose is the most incredible way to exist. At times, one wakes up with a deep sense of longing that masks the pain, which we try to fill in different ways. Sometimes we long for the presence of other people’s company or the ordinary feeing that material possessions afford. The illusion of temporary happiness takes first position more than the need to attempt to discover the root of the discontent. In one’s mind, it would be better to wallow in shallow happiness than to uncover the truth in pain. 

To transcend pain is to uncover the truth and to grow intensely in spirit. It requires honest reflection to succeed in being efficient and to learn how to do things in a better manner. It’s often uncomfortable to uncover things about ourselves, especially when there’s no one to tell us about the issues we need to work on. Generally, most people are more likely to change their behaviors when they honestly evaluate their own habits as opposed to being told by a third party.

The world has no pause button to instantly stop time when we wish to do so. We all know that there’s a limitation to the time we have to do things in life. We are faced with the reality that things will be different and if we don’t do things within the time limits, we stand a good chance of having to suffer later—due to the ineffective use of our time. 

Reflecting gives us the opportunity to rectify unproductive use of our time. I am certainly guilty of underestimating the time I had to accomplish tasks with absolute success in the past. Most likely, I will fail to utilize the time I have wisely in future. The most important thing to learn is to constantly engage in self-reflection.

The time that we put in for every task will determine the outcome of events. Time is constantly ticking while we are constantly afraid of changing with the developments that makes human kind inventive, creative, and more productive. 

I have found myself playing catch up with the time that I had been provided with in an attempt to spend 24 hours trying to do work that would normally take days to learn. It has been something I have struggled with from early days of varsity sports. There’s challenging yourself to do the best that you can do, and stretching yourself too thin. Cultivating potential is a process which takes time to realize, it’s not a process to be taken lightly or done in a day. 

The investment we make in time is undoubtedly a sign of showing passion. Self-reflection and time are often common links of passion. You simply need passion to use your time to invest in the things that you are passionate about. Nothing can be achieved that is worthy without investing in your own time. Self-reflection and time are common links which can help one to be more present and fulfilled.

Effective use of time is a commodity that needs to be appreciated at all occasions. When you want to achieve a goal, but there is no time limitation to achieving that goal, you tend to be more comfortable and you are less likely to abandon the goal. We all make mistakes and misuse time, but the lesson has to be learned from difficult outcomes.

We all don’t know how long we have to live in this world and we would love to leave behind a sound contribution to serve humankind, because at the core of every human beings' life is the need to serve others. We make our way in society thinking that all we need to do is to take care of ourselves and no one else. However, it’s that sentiment that leads to neglect of self-reflection and true fulfillment in life. When you link your time to service it becomes more meaningful. For example, that’s why students who tutor or help other students with notes or difficult subject matters succeed in completing everything well. It makes them more productive and effective in utilizing the time they are given. 

It takes writing down all the ways in which you use your time, and by linking it with tasks or activities you do in order to successfully reflect and manage your time effectively.

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Self-Reflection and Time
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