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Self Love

A Journey Towards Loving Yourself More

When asking people about loving thyself as one would want to be loved. I received these gifts. 

All things are possible. Love is more than most perceive. Love is in all things. The energy that runs through you, runs through me, animating me to be the love I wish to see in the world.

Experience is key to learning the value of life. We can not grow if we don't give ourselves the chance to create fertilizer. We have to get through the muck and release ourselves from fear of moving forward. Experience life as it's meant to be lived. 

With love in our hearts, we can do anything we are given the opportunity to receive. If we will ourselves with love inside and without judgement keep loving, we shine outwards and are able to restore happiness in all ways. 

When we are well, we are balanced, we are happy, we are healthy. Keeping our bodies healthy by feeding and drinking restoring replenishment, we can learn to feel more in tune within ourselves and create balance within our lives, staying well. 

When we are at unease, we are imbalanced, we are sad or mad, we are sick. Keeping our bodies free from disorder, we can create homeostasis within.

Better to make a change than not transform at all, because time and space are not constant. Why stay in the same place when life is constantly moving? 

We make our own decisions, our own choice, to be who we are. Without blame, we are free to live our lives on a frequency that serves our highest good. 

Not a single person is exactly the same with how they manifest their outward appearances. We all have our own perspectives and our destiny is shown by the steps we take. If we can relate to one another and realize where one another is "coming from" then we can work through our problems collectively making for a better world. 

We are all the same on the inside. Our organs and tissues utilize the body within, so do not judge on outward and initial interactions. Give people the benefit of the doubt for we are all in this together. The blood we have is universal, the muscles we have function the same, we are all human. 

Meditation allows for guidance from the internal connection within yourself. By taking a journey within, you are taking the chance that you might see all of you, your physical body, your emotions, your mental abilities, your gifts and connections with all that is.

That connection established with the energy that surrounds helps understand self love in way that can’t be described with words; it is a feeling. The connection felt with the earth and the universe, supporting and protecting, ancestors guiding through the body, healing generations before—through transformation of DNA. 

It’s through self love that we find ourselves and everything connected to help create an earth that heals itself. We are all part of the whole. We affect each other in a meaningful way and influence actions on a subtle level. 

With love, awareness, and intention, we can heal all things. If we set ourselves up for success, that is what we will get. As we become aware of our love within, we have the opportunity to become our best selves, working towards harmony within. If you know your capacity for love, you are able to distribute love without depleting your energy. 

Going out in the world to help others realize their gifts of self love are gifts that keep giving. If we can share our insight with intuition with others, they too can see how self love can benefit them to move forward without looking back. 

Finding peace with self is key to peaceful findings. 

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Self Love
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