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Recognizing When Manifestations Are on Their Way

A Guide to Understanding the Signs of Manifestation

Photo by Kim Stiver via Pexel

For many people, the hardest part of manifesting their ideal life is waiting for the manifestations to present themselves. The universe works in mysterious and beautiful ways, and it often takes significant time spent in vibrational alignment to receive your desires. There is no widely accepted answer for how or when you will receive your wishes, as each person and scenario is different and no two situations can compare... but there have been many realizations of signs that indeed hint to our dreams coming our way. Recognizing these signs can help to aid our vibrational alignment, by feeling the positive emotions associated with our desires before we have actually received them. Below is a list of five phenomena that are excellent indicators of the universe working to deliver your desired manifestations.

  1. You begin experiencing synchronicity. Synchronicity is a concept adopted by Carl Jung which suggests that there are sometimes events rendered as “meaningful coincidences” in life. These coincidences seem to be unrelated to the naked eye, but often have a deep connection and meaningful relationship with one another. This phenomenon might present itself as a passerby talking about something you were thinking of, a friend mentioning a person of your past that’s been on your mind, a commercial talking about a relevant topic, etc. These events can present themselves in a wide variety of situations, but each has relevance in the grand scheme of the universe and your personal development. Synchronicity is used by the universe to deliver a message, advice, or a push in the direction you need the most guidance. These circumstances should be recognized to the best of our ability, as they are directly related to our alignment with the universe and the innermost parts of our personal being.
  2. You are overcome with positive emotions. Our manifestations show themselves most efficiently when we are in the positive mindset that often occurs with our vibrational alignment. When we are in “the vortex” (being most in-tune with ourselves, our desires, and the universe), we will inevitably feel good. There will be no emotional pain, no stress or anxiety, no resentment, no thoughts of our past or fears of our future—You feel wonderfully blissful, and drowned in the happiness of your present reality as you think of all there is to be grateful for and the excellent things to come. Feeling wholeheartedly good is a significant determining factor for whether our manifestations are on their way or not. As you continue your journey of manifestation, the positive feelings will continue to grow with each passing event.
  3. Good things keep happening to you. When you are in vibrational alignment with the most genuine parts of yourself and the universe, you will begin attracting beautiful things...Sometimes things that you didn’t even know you wanted until you received them. The universe has a lovely way of showering you with favorable situations and circumstances, whether you have personally attempted to manifest them or not. The universe is always working for your highest good and in your best interest, which is why you will start attracting events that heighten your positive emotions and allow you to be the happiest and best version of yourself. With each circumstance that manifests, you will feel better and more in sync with the frequency of your desires.
  4. You experience enhanced dreams and/or visualization. When you are in tune with your deepest self and vibrationally aligned with your desires, it will become easier to visualize your desires as reality. Images and scenarios will consume your thoughts during the day and grace your dreams at night, usually in an incredibly vivid fashion. You will be able to see yourself, down to every last detail, in your visualizations. The closer you become to your desires, the more comfortable and more vivid this phenomenon will become. Just remember that with every passing thought and and imagery, it’s important to embrace your natural positive emotions during these times as it helps to supercharge your manifestation by vibrational alignment.
  5. You will experience an overall calmness. While you make your way to your manifestations, you will be overcome with positive feelings. In addition to those emotions, you will achieve a sense of ultimate calmness—a sort of “letting go.” This part is necessary for our manifestations to arrive, as it is completely void of our own limiting beliefs and a sign that we have allowed absolute faith in the universe. “Letting go” will feel like complete relief, as if everything you ever thought about holding yourself back has been diminished. This step will be filled with feelings of acceptance, allowance, assurance, and confidence—and is a significant indicator that your manifestation will be presented, as you have finished the necessary requirements to achieve a receptive state.

As you wade through your journey to manifestation, remember that no two personal experiences will be the same. For some, only a mere one or two indicators will present themselves. For others, they may receive all circumstances available that indicate of their manifestations coming to fruition. Whatever the case may be, just remember that time will reveal everything. The most important thing you can do in the meantime is to keep your vibration high and continue on your path of happiness and everything that feels good. Wake up every day feeling as if you have already received your desires, and they will quickly enough find their way to you. 

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Recognizing When Manifestations Are on Their Way
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