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Reasons Why You Should Survive

You are loved.

So, I’ve struggled for years with my mental health and have really not wanted to be here at some points, however, I still am and these reasons are some of what to do with why: 

  1. You have a family who love you. Even if it doesn’t seem like they do right now, they are either angry or upset, those angry feelings won’t last forever. 
  2. You are an individual. Even though you may think you lack talent, or that you’re boring, that’s far from the truth. You just need to find what your talent is. 
  3. You have people who believe in you. If you are struggling right now and people are unaware of this, just know that they love you and they would be heartbroken if you left them. 
  4. You have so much more to experience. New trips, new cities, meeting new people, and so much more.
  5. Your life won’t feel empty forever. You won’t be sat at home, alone, most days of your life. You won’t be isolating yourself from loved ones or not showering or looking after yourself forever. You will find that you will bloom, but for flowers to bloom, they need water. 
  6. You are not alone. So many other people feel the same as you do, even if you think this isn’t true. There is so much help out there that you can receive if you are struggling. You and your health is not a burden to other people, fuck anyone who makes you feel like you are. 
  7. You are powerful. What would you tell your younger self if they wanted to kill themselves? You’d tell them they have so much more to experience. And so do you. 
  8. You have probably heard this like before, but; suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You won’t feel like this forever and I can tell you that from experience. Some days will feel worse than others, you’ll want to scream. But, they’ll be days where you’ll be surrounded by the people who love you, watching your favourite film, eating your favourite food, with your favourite person. And there the days you need to hold on for. 
  9. You are going to do great things. Maybe create your own business, earn enough money that you can donate to the charity you feel really close for and really make an impact, care for other people, even just surviving is a great thing. You may even save someone else’s life, that’s a great thing too. 
  10. You are beautiful. Even if you think you are nothing, that is not true. Beauty shows in the most absurd ways some of the time, but believe me, you are incredible, inside and out and I’m not just saying that. Everyone is an individual and everybody is beautiful. 

People love you. 


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Reasons Why You Should Survive
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