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Ready to Manifest?

This amazing new app is a must!!

This amazing app for manifestation is fresh on the app market! It is a must have for anyone who is awake and conscious of your energetic creative abilities. This app has it all! Jennifer Casolary, the creator of the Subliminal Vision Boards App, has thought of every detail. As I worked my way through the app, it continued to blow me away. It just kept giving and giving. As you move into using the experiential features of the app, you’ll create momentum! The more momentum you create, the more magnetic you become!

I’ll walk you through features of this super-powered app so you can see what I am talking about. You’re going to have to have this app after you see the goodies Jennifer has loaded it up with! As you can see from the screenshot of the main menu of the app, it offers much more than just creating a vision board. What I love about Jennifer’s app is the ease of use. Anyone can use it! It’s all very self explanatory. You can actually move straight into the app and begin exploring without watching the tutorial she has built into the app. I personally did not want to miss any details, but by all means, get right in there and start manifesting!

When you begin building your first vision board, you will pick a name for it. Then you’ll move straight into the creation menu. Everything is fully customizable. You can use an image, any color under the rainbow, and even add frames to your background. What was cool was ,when I chose background image, I was prompted to search Google images! You don’t even have to leave the app or shift files or anything! The app is integrated with Google. Super YAY for that feature, Jennifer! You also have the option to upload a photo in case you went out to eat and saw your dream car sitting in the parking lot and snapped a quick pic of it. The app can also integrate with your camera if you prefer to live in the moment!

You add images and photos to your vision board in exactly the same manner as you do with the background. The difference in adding your images is learning the editing. It’s super easy to do and no worries if you skipped the tutorial in the beginning. There’s a link at the bottom of the creation menu to either a written tutorial or a video tutorial. It’s super easy and fun to learn it all!

On the creation menu, you’ll notice that you can add your own text to your vision board. This is a fun feature so you can really bring your true, authentic energy into your creation. Using a fun phrase that you intuitively received or a secret saying you and friends use is the kind of joy you want to add to your board. Once you type in your text, you can go into editing mode and choose your own fun little fonts and even the color you want the font to be!! You’re able to layer and shift images and text on top of or behind each other to suit your liking. You can tilt it and move the text around wherever you want. Oh, and there are no worries about losing your work. Everything saves instantly as you go, so if you have to stop to answer a text or a call, just come back later. It will still be there waiting how you left it! These are the details I was referring to!! Life happens moment by moment and Jennifer designed this app for living in the NOW. I love it!

In addition to adding text, there’s a wonderful feature to add affirmations. Jen’s got you covered in case you’re on the go and nothing is coming to you. The affirmations are categorized by intention and easy to use. Font and colors are still customizable here, as well. So cool!

I’m very excited to reveal something that other vision board apps don’t have. The sound feature!! You’ll be needing this for the experiential part of the app. O.M.G. There are tons of options built right into the app as far as zen sounds and even the ancient Solfeggio frequencies. You can always upload your own files or even record your own affirmations or music into your vision board. Like Jennifer said, there is something very empowering when you hear your own voice telling you that you already have what you want!

Let’s get creative and really amplify our creative energy! After all, this is what we came for, right?? It’s time for us to remember who we are. We are Divine Creators. We are Gods and Goddesses creating reality moment by moment with every thought and feeling that we put out into the universe. There are no rules. We make the rules as we go!! What freedom there is in being aware of that!! Good, good stuff right there!! Magic. Pure Magic.

Moving forward! So you have saved your first vision board!! YAY! So now what? Now the fun part! Look no further for your solution for cleaning out all that junky stuff stored in your subconscious. The Take 5 feature of this app reprograms the deepest parts of your subconscious mind with quick, subliminal flashes of every image, line of text, or affirmation that you have chosen for your vision board. All the while that you are receiving the flashes of images, your choice of sound for that particular board is playing in the background.

All of your senses are being engaged, which releases hormones into your body, which generates a feeling that matches the thoughts you are having. Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic. This makes up your electromagnetic field, or aura. This is literally you tuning in to what you want with your frequency and electromagnetic field. You’re radiating a quantum signal into the universe. What you put out, you receive back. Like attracts like. Are you seeing the bigger picture now?

We have to generate the feeling of having already received what we want in order to tune into the frequency of it. This is a very powerful app, indeed. There is even a feature called the Action Planner to get you brainstorming on how you can add action to creating your feeling and vision board. You will be promoted to turn into the direction of what you want. Sometimes all you have to do is shift to that direction and the universe will do the rest. It’s still your job to keep a watchful eye and ear for opportunities the universe will present to you.

If you’re excited right now and you’re looking for the way to take your energy to the next level, you already have your magic wand in your hand—Your Smartphone. All you need is a very affordable upgrade to your magic wand. Think of it this way: maybe there’s a reason that you’re here reading this article right now. This is an opportunity the universe is presenting to you. It’s time to activate this magical energy on our planet. It’s time to take back our creative power and bring forth abundance and joy into our lives again, Welcome to the New Age, folks. Welcome home.

Embrace your love and respect for your own desires and it will radiate out to all of your loved ones. The android version of Subliminal Vision Boards is here and the iPhone version is here. Everything you intend to create in your life starts right here and now, in the moment. Do it for you. Do it for the planet. Do it for the creation of fifth dimensional living and a New Earth. We don’t need permission to get what we know we deserve as Divine Creators. Place your focus inward. That’s what the world needs. You, living up to your highest potential. Infinite possibilities exist and they are yours for the taking! Jump on board the happy train!!!

Check out these beautiful vision boards created with the Subliminal Vision Boards App. You can use the app to create beautiful collages, too! I was thinking that I would print mine out and hang smaller versions around the house. You can even gift someone a vision board from the app!! How cool! Here’s the video tutorial and website info, as well! Happy manifesting!!

Check out all the cool features in this quick video:

Manifest anything with this app! Take a look at these examples of what people are using this app to manifest.

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