David Martinez
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Live life with no meaning.

The question everyone asks at one point in their life is "What is the meaning of life?" Once the question is asked, the pondering begins. It could last for hours, days, weeks, or even a couple seconds. Why is that, do you suppose? Why is it that, when trying to figure out this mystery, we can't all just do it in the same amount of time and get the same answer? I mean, if there was an actual, tangible meaning to life wouldn't we all have figured it out by now? I think the reason it is this way is because there is no meaning. Now, I know that this can sound pretty depressing and my reasons sound a bit childish and naive, but I have more for you so please keep reading. I know I'm just behind a computer screen writing words on a page but I feel like someone will stumble upon this and take something significant from it.

Okay, so everyone thinks that there is this hidden meaning out there that we must find or that we probably won't figure out, but I say that's bogus. I feel that while everyone is spending their time on this wild goose chase they're missing out on what could potentially be their liberation from the unknown. I'm not saying that there is no point in going on anymore or that life is just one big clusterfuck, even though it can feel that way at times. I'm saying that there is no purpose or destiny for you. That might also sound depressing at first, but hopefully it won't be by the end of this.

So, the idea is that there is a path that you must follow and become the person you were meant to be. But from a scientific perspective, the chances of us being alive, the chance of a human, is very, very small. So in a way, the human race is an accident. Before you throw yourself in an existential crisis, take a moment to think about that. There is no plan laid out for you, no sets of rules you need to follow, no forces that are trying to stop you or push you towards something. It's just you and your own free will, moving through space, with a bunch of other people with their own free will. This causes chaos and destruction but it also causes great things to come to life. Like you. You may come to realize that when there is set path or road for you to follow you are as free as can be. You obtain the ability to choose who you become or how many people you become. You are no longer limited to one life. You can live multiple in one go.

You don't need to listen to what I say or abandon your own beliefs. I just want you to realize that the person reading this will not be the same person. Whether you want to or not you change everyday taking in the experiences going on around you. So why not embrace that and take life for a ride. Take in as much as possible before you check out. 

THINK for a second about the next thing you're going to do when you finish this sentence. Whether it be something big or small it really doesn't matter. Just as long as you make an effort to discover yourself. You're true self and not the one that society or anyone wants you to be. 

Or if you want, be neutral. Let the unpredictable universe take you on an adventure of a lifetime...literally.