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Perception Is Weird

How My Perception on Things Changed over the Years

When I was a kid, I always believed that I could do whatever I wanted and that I can be whoever I wanted, but as the years passed by I realized that my perception on things wasn’t always true. I remember when I turned eight and I always thought that I had the most amazing smile and teeth but it was a lie I realized it was a lie when a close family member told me to smile with my mouth closed. As I kid, it hurt a lot but now that I’m 17 and my teeth are straight every time I laugh, I cover my smile which is weird because if my teeth are okay now, why do I feel the need to always cover my mouth when I laugh? People can have an effect on you that you might not even realize, like I never knew the reason why I cover my mouth until like five years ago. I believe that I am a strong person but my brain tells me otherwise.

People need to understand that we can only let things affect us as much as we let it. Yeah, I’ll still cover my mouth when I laugh but I do realize now that I have a beautiful smile.

As a kid, we are told that we can do whatever we want with our life but then when it’s time to chose we don’t know what exactly it is we want to do. I remember that all my friends were like "I don’t know what I want to do after high school but because my mom said that I should be a doctor I might as well be a doctor🤷‍♀️." I feel like in general, we shouldn’t let others cloud our judgement because, at the end of the day, it’s our life that we’re living, your parents aren’t going to go to work with you, so why do something that pleases them and not you?

There was this song that we listened to one time in class and we were tasked to write a mother’s response to that song and here was my response:

I have failed you as a mother, for you to have all these cynical thoughts. As a mother, you are suppose to teach your children that love is everywhere and within all, but you, my dear, don’t know love. You should not give up on hope for I am here with you and to help you. Yes, a rock does not feel pain, but a rock is also useless, you, my son, are no ordinary rock, for you are a gem. A gem is extraordinarily beautiful, unique, and different for they come in different shapes and sizes just like you. The world may be tough but that does not mean you should give up and isolate yourself from society, society is a world of its own waiting to prey on the weak but you, my son, aren’t weak. You are as strong as Hercules and with the heart of a new born baby, so pure yet so fragile. When the world gets tough, that's when you say "I am ready to fight, never give up for that is not your purpose." You are here to have a good time and make friends to talk with. Yes, an island never cries, but you are no island, you are a human. And as a human, we cry to help heal our hurt feelings. If you don’t like your friends, go make some new ones, some that are even better than the old ones. People will always appreciate you, but how they appreciate you when you give up and have nothing to show it for, my son, my heart will always be with you for I am your mother and I am telling that I love you and no matter what I will never give up on you.

You should only let things get to you if you know that there’s a perfect chance of you being happy.

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Perception Is Weird
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