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People Watching, Walking Through Doors, and Stepping Out...

Comfort, Confidence, and Walking in Your Purpose

Picture this, you’re right next to the door that is waiting to be opened, you are so close, but something is stopping you going through, so you sit outside and watch others go through the door. You hear laughing, happiness, and joy but you don't walk through. You sit on the doorstep.

So, what happened?

We can get comfortable in our lives and for some that is great, but for others, striving for more comfort is scary. But when you settle into life and work, suddenly you realise that you have been sitting on the doorstep for so long.

Stepping through the door and into a new venture, new career, new city—it's scary! I know. From an adventurous woman that took me all over the world, I saw myself in Oxford and I was comfortable. Not being pushed, not being challenged and when I realised this, I knew I needed to make a change.

Do you ever feel that way?

That you are going through the motions, living a good life but not your best life?

The reason I have uploaded this image at a higher resolution than it should be is to make a point...

That being, I was not a clear version of myself. I was happy on the outside. I let people see what I wanted them to see, but never the details, never the deep darkness that was on my mind. This held me back from stepping through the door... I just wasn't ready.

That really is an eye opener. Look at yourself and realise you are stuck because of your own view of yourself, your own self-doubt, your own darkness inside you can't step out. So how did I make it?

It was not easy, but I began to share, share my story with close friends, and they could then see the real me. I found my true self through sharing the story and from then on, I become unapologetic for who I was, changed my mindset to someone who was not holding these deep secrets, but embraced the past and what it had made me.

Then I stepped out even further...

Slowly I began to explore and open my mind again to other possibilities, other ways of thinking, and really began to step out of my comfort bubble. Doors opened, some quicker than others, and some I needed to knock down but the fact was I stepped through the doors and on the other side were possibilities that I couldn't see from the doorstep.

As I continue to step out, open doors, and share my story, meet with different organisations and people, I am growing as a person, growing my network, and creating new amazing friendships and you can do the same!

I could have sat on the doorstep and had a comfortable life, never really being happy and never being sad either. I would have simply existed.

The doors are there waiting for you to burst through them, but we leave them closed because we are worried about what might be behind them. I am telling you from experience and helping and working with others: when we smash doors down, that is just the start.

There is more on the other side, there is more for your life, and there is more for YOU!

I urge you today, if an opportunity comes your way today, this month, this year, or when you’re old and grey and it feels right... smash down that door and take it!

WALK IN YOUR PURPOSE. Some doors might be harder to open than others, but keep knocking, keep opening, and don’t sit on the doorstep watching the world go by. ❤️

Efe Igbin
Efe Igbin

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of Fearless&Empowered.

I am passionate about life and helping others live out their God-given purpose fearlessly & confidently.

Obsessed traveler.

Love singing, reading, music...

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People Watching, Walking Through Doors, and Stepping Out...
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