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Passionate Hearts

How could someone give up on something they love?

April 15, 2017

Most people, when talking or thinking about their passions, just light up. I love talking to people about theirs because I know how I feel about mine. Seeing others get anxious in a good way over what they love doing is always so great. Life is about being with loved ones and doing what you love with the time you have on this earth. If not that then what’s it about?

Personally, whenever I’m talking or thinking deeply about mine, which is dance (hip-hop mostly), I do light up both physically and emotionally. My usually stern-looking face turns to one full of excitement and I feel antsy like I want to go dance right then. But that feeling is nothing compared to when I’m actually dancing, there’s no other one like it for me.

Dancing is like feeling lost while knowing exactly where you are. You’re just lost in the music, the flow of the dance whether it’s choreography or a freestyle, and the time is fully consumed by unforced focus, especially during a freestyle because while I usually enjoy a choreographed dance a little more, freestyling is where the spontaneity and impulsiveness is and it’s a feeling that’s easy to get hooked on.

I’m currently 19-years-old and I’ve been dancing since I was around four. Going into my freshman year of high school is when I figured out that dancing is what I actually want to do with my life, for a career. I figured it out when I found a professional dancer and YouTuber named D-trix. He instantly had a major impact on me and quickly became one of my biggest influences and inspirations. Not only has he inspired me in the dance area but in other areas of life as well. I am grateful. It took finding D-trix to find myself.

However, even though I found passion and my truly desired career, I didn’t start really working at it until about two months ago when I moved across the country from Idaho to Florida. That was due to some pretty bad procrastination and laziness issues. I did work on dancing all the time when I lived in Idaho but it took a big life change in order for me to wake up. It’s crazy to think that someone can put off things that they want to do like that. (Really think about that sentence.) But now, I’m working towards it hard and it’s not a chore. I couldn’t and can’t believe I ever acted like it was.

The purpose of this piece of writing is to express that I’m a passionate person as my introduction to this platform but mostly to let any readers know to always follow your dreams and passions. That may sound generic—“follow your dreams”—but it’s something that still needs to be heard. There are so many people that don’t think they’ll be good enough for whatever it may be so they don’t ever try or they give up early or at all. Never give up. We’ve all heard that phrase before. But is it a motto that’s been followed enough?

To conclude this piece, have a passionate heart and don’t let it go unfulfilled. You have potential so live up to it fully and remember that no one is a no one. If someone gives up on a dream, on something they love, did they even love it? I couldn’t imagine ever truly thinking “Maybe dancing just isn’t for me” or “I should just stop trying.” I will always follow mine. I will always push hard for what I love. Don’t give up on your dreams. They wouldn’t want to watch you go.

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Passionate Hearts
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