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Passion vs. Success

Where is your life leading you?

Let’s say right now you were faced with making a decision between two options. Option A involves doing something that you’re passionate about. Option B involves doing something that you’re not the least bit interested in. Which option would you choose?

Now I’m going to assume that most people would choose option A. Kind of a silly question, isn’t it. But yet, there are so many situations in which people clearly choose option B. You go to class to see your teacher complaining about his job. You see someone buying a pair of overpriced pants just because they’re ‘in’—option B. Or your friend joins the optometry club when she’s clearly ecstatic about the anthropology club—option B. Why do we continuously make choices that go against our happiness? Doesn’t that seem insane?

The answer is simple, it’s for success. Being successful is something that everyone constantly strives for. And it’s pretty cool when you get that higher salary job, or you purchase the most expensive car on the market. But does it really make you happy? Is it actually part of who you are?

I like to think that the main purpose for being put on this earth is to pursue what we are passionate about. In other words, it’s to find our calling. When we do something that truly makes us happy, we light up the world around us. When you walk into the library to meet a friendly receptionist, or you play a game of tennis against someone who lets you win just for the sake of it, doesn’t that make things just a little bit brighter? Imagine if people were constantly doing what they hated doing; that ugly option B. The world would be so dim, and no one would be truly happy, regardless of their possessions. How close would people be to finding their true calling?

The way that society is structured today can often lead one down a path that they’re not truly content with. It’s far too often that people choose to pursue something just because it’s more "successful," or will enhance one’s "image."  In particular, too many people choose a program for university that they know leads to wealth, but what about happiness? Where does that come into the equation?

Success is important, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to go build a hut on every island just because traveling is something that you’re passionate about. But the key is, we need to find a balance. If we force ourselves into doing things that we don’t enjoy, especially if it’s for everyday in the foreseeable future, we’ll just be putting ourselves, others, and our true potential into a downward spiral. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have never done, go do it. If there’s a skill you’ve always wanted to develop, go practice it. Or something you’ve always felt the urge to chase after, go catch it. It may be your calling. And regardless of what society deems as successful, we need to do what’s right, and that’s following the path towards what makes us truly happy.

Please take care of yourself, 

Nicole Addison 


Instagram - Nicole.Addison | The PowerWithin


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Passion vs. Success
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