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OKC to WNY to OKC!

Let the adventure begin.

Eternal flame hike

Approximately 26 years ago, in the center of Oklahoma City, OK. There was a bright eyed, bushy tailed, baby born into this world. She was outgoing and had a drive for knowledge as soon as she learned to make sounds and walk. That baby girl was yours truly! You're welcome.

Growing up as a 90s baby in the south was great, I learned pennies taste like copper; you shouldn't climb trees when covered in ice because someone will fall and it will hurt. I learned that friends were our family, and our family is friends. Most importantly I learned if you are learning hour to use a phone, (I had a rotary phone and it was the and you dial 911 and hang up...they still send the cops to your house. Then you will have to answer to your mother as well as the police.

I also learned a hard lesson that just because an adult in your life appears to be the world and could never do wrong isn't always true. In life there are good people that do bad things and there are bad people who do good things. My parents got a divorce when I was young and when that didn't make things easier my mom decided the best decision for her and for her children was to move back to Buffalo, New York. Her siblings were here and this is where she grew up so why not? She took a chance and went for it.

We landed in 2001, to settle in for our new adventure in our lives. Sadly, that was the same year of the tragic attack on 9/11. It didn't seem like we were getting off on a good start but we flourished none the less as humans are made to do. Through ups and downs and plateaus we are here still conquering the world one day at a time.

Up until recently, I honestly thought I would end up here the rest of my life, but I got offered an opportunity to move back down to Oklahoma to help out my family. I'm going to be honest. Picking up and moving across the country to start anew with no guarantee it actually working, is the most terrifying thought I think I've ever had. Then again, what have I got to lose? Almost seven months ago, I left a corporate job I hated to find some adventure and learn more about Buffalo and the city life. I worked in an ice cream shop, in a warehouse and as a hostess/server. Sadly, once winter hit the ice cream shop didn't have the money to pay everyone for such slow business, so although I still technically work there, I wasn't getting hours. That translated into, "Holy moly how am I going to pay bills?" I was lucky enough to have a friend be able to get me a hostess/server position at a restaurant she worked at. I learned a lot and loved the people I worked with. Unfortunately, that was a short-lived opportunity as I was let go. I decided I had hit rock bottom. I was struggling to make ends meet, my personal relationships were falling to the wayside because of how stressed I became and I was at a loss. I was about to move out of my apartment back home with my mother when a friend of the family threw me a life line. In order for her to go back to work she needed someone to come back to Oklahoma to help take care of her son who had an accident and is struggling to get back on his feet. She figured, since I have a medical background and it sounded like we could help each other, why not?

I gotta be honest, I wasn't too keen on the idea at first but when I sat down and weighed out the pros and cons I realized, what could it hurt? The answer is absolutely nothing. So next month I will be packing my whole life into my Jeep and hitting the open road back to my home town. I haven't been back in years so I'm nervous, happy, terrified, curious, and excited all at once. Moral of this story is just going for it. If you’re scared of something, it just means you should do it. Change is constant, it's practically the only thing you can count on these days so why limit yourself when there's a world of opportunities at your fingertips, wait for you to grab a hold and start your journey.

by Olivia Shae

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OKC to WNY to OKC!
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