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No, We Can't Make It Alone

Thinking that we can survive on our own is not realistic.

When we are born, we spend about 8 months inside the women that'll give birth to us. Then, one day we pop out and say hello to the world, where the doctor, nurses and the person who brought us to the world wait for us to react to this new environment. In some cases, our association with the main person on this event might not be positive which becomes a factor for why we feel so alone since we're kids and in isolation and depression. There's a phrase I've always heard. "We were born alone and alone we'll die. I don't know who invented that ton of ridiculousness because I've realized that the phrase couldn't be more wrong.

There may be unfortunate people who ended up alone for their circumstances, but they were not by themselves all the time. As I state, if it wasn't because there were people in the very beginning we wouldn't be here today. Therefore, Maybe at some point, some people had someone who appreciated them, and because life happens that person isn't there anymore, but it was before. Which is why thinking that people can survive on their own it's simply ridiculous, a baby can't survive for long if there's no one providing it food, and until some point in our lives, we can't make it alone physically, and then when we're old we need someone there who watches out for us. Consequently realistically, saying that we're better off alone isn't a true statement. 

I personally tried to isolate myself as much as I could because I thought I could "shine" on my own. In contrast, I've come to realize that It only brought me sadness and a terrible feeling of loneliness which only led me to want to kill myself. I, being always fascinated by the moon and its loneliness, fascinated by how beautiful and bright it was, ended up so blinded that forgot that the moon shines because the sun feeds it with light. I just didn't have a sun in my life, or I thought so at that moment even though I had friends and family who took care of me on their way even if I didn't like it. 

I don't want people to get me wrong, and I can't really do anything if they do. I mean: I'm not saying that wanting to be alone it's bad, for me sometimes it's refreshing and reloading, but wanting to be alone all the time just for the sole purpose of not being hurt it's being a coward. I've been a coward since I got out of high school, I thought people were scary and hurtful and only thought about themselves. Now, being realistic, thinking about yourself isn't bad, using people inconsiderately IT'S bad, so I still not agree with it and never will. (Can't really say "never say never" in here because I know at least I don't want to be that kind of person because I know how awful it feels).

I'll always be on the side of the used ones, even if I've been used in all possible ways in the past (and learned to protect myself from excessive toxic use as a result). However, I advise that if you're still there: First, learn to put some measurements on who you trust and give your help to, and to be confident and sure that you can get something in return, because let's be honest, If you're good at something you might as well not do it for free. Plus, Everyone needs someone: Hence, I could be good at painting but I don't know how to fix a leak, so I may need my friend to do it and someday he might ask me to paint his house. Or I could be good at doing my friends hair but I don't know how to do makeup, so I'll do my friend's hair and I'll know that she'll be there if I need to get my make-up done. There's always a non-hurtful way of using your friends for a good purpose which will not harm anyone in the process.

We should always look for people who are not only taking from us, but also giving in return without any complaints. And in the worse cases: we should not give our lives to people who will only bring us a wish of death and sadness in return.

To sum up, No, We can't shine on our own. The moon's bigger than us and can't, so let's be a little more open to meeting new people, and recognize the harmful ones before they hurt us. The ones who are just taking life, energy, and happiness from us and just giving us s*** in return. Here's a little tip: All kinds of good relationships are hard to build. If you want something easy and without effort, you'll get nothing, either from relationships or from life. 

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No, We Can't Make It Alone
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