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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Mind, Body, and You as a Whole

Make a Change

Each new year is a blessing, but with each end of the year comes the dreaded task of making a New Year’s Resolution (or two). You shouldn’t fear resolutions, even if you never manage to make it past the first half of the year with them still in tow.

Instead of looking at this year’s New Year’s Resolution as a chore, use it to make some amazing changes in your life right from day one (you can even get started before the new year arrives). Then, if you’re not still on that diet or not still working out every morning, you can still feel like a success.

A New Year’s Resolution for Your Mind

Are you a reader? This year, put down the computer and pick up a book. If you're already an avid reader, consider increasing how many books you read this year. Or, maybe expand your reading into a new genre.

If you're not a reader, now is a good time to start. Go easy on yourself - maybe consider one book a month. There are so many different genres of books out there; you are bound to find something that piques your interest.

A New Year’s Resolution for Your Body

Instead of forcing some diet or exercise routine upon your body that you’re sure to quickly lose track of, consider something else for your body this year. Promise to take at least one day a month (though one day a week would be better) off to pamper yourself.

Self-care is so important. Even one night of relaxation in the tub with some candles, followed by a deep cleansing peel-off mask, can do wonders for your skin and your self-esteem. Throw in some meditation time too - which is good for your body and your mind.

A New Year’s Resolution For Your Community

If you want to do something big this new year, give back to your community. Consider running for an office, volunteering locally, or helping to keep the roads clean by joining a clean-up crew.

Why not show some pride for the place you live? It doesn’t take much, usually just a time commitment, to help out your community and the people in need that live there.

A New Year’s Resolution For Your Heart

When did you last focus on your relationship (or lack of one, if you're single)? Romance shouldn’t be saved from Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and Sweetest Day.

If you’re taken—plan a monthly night of romance, invest in some new lingerie, and schedule you and your partner for a couple’s massage and some time at the spa. Spend more time just hanging out with one another - get to know each other again.

If you’re single—sign up on a new dating site, date someone you wouldn’t normally go out with, or try hitting up a single’s mingle. You should also take some time to make sure you love yourself because you need to love YOU before you can ever truly love someone else.

A New Year’s Resolution for Your Hustle

Could your side hustle use a refresh? Even if your gig is making you some big bank, you can still use a change. Launch a new product, hire an assistant to help take some of the stress off of you, or take a class and increase your smarts.

Decrease your money woes and increase your cash flow by investing this year. What’s better than having money coming in without you working for it?

There are so many things you can do for the new year that will help you continue working on your resolution all year long. Instead of making a plan that you’re unlikely to stick with or shooting for goals that are out of reach, try one of these new ideas, and have a happy new year!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Mind, Body, and You as a Whole
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