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Never Take the First Opportunity

I would be in New York, probably hating life, if I didn't give myself a chance to stray.

In April, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. I had it all planned out: I was going to stay home for the summer and relax for a month before beginning my career in New York City. It has always been my dream. It was all I ever wanted. I had built a life there, and I wanted to be a journalist. I had interned at Harper's Bazaar and fell in love with that lifestyle. I wanted to write, I wanted to meet talented people, and I wanted to look out into the big city every day of my life.

As it turned out, getting a job in media is way harder than I thought. With the Internet making almost anything possible for anyone, getting a real (put-food-on-the-table level) job is incredibly difficult. It became clear that journalism was not going to pay the bills and was going to be a side job at best. I began looking for PR jobs, considering I love interacting with people and am relatively good at social media and damage control. Even with that on the table, I wasn't excited. I loved the idea of being in the city, but the sound of the life I was trying to build didn't make me passionate. Something wasn't right, and my parents knew that.

We always vacationed in Vail, CO. My parents got a place here recently and were trying to find someone to look after it when they're away (which is often). They offered me an opportunity I could not refuse. They said I could live in their property for a year, figure out what I wanted to do and start a home watching business myself. I also added dog sitting and babysitting to the list of services, because I love pets and kids and wanted extra cash. 

I moved here a little over a month ago with my German Shepherd, Kodak, and am loving it. The community is tight, but incredibly supportive. I've been offered part-time jobs in town and I'm going to take one or two in addition to my business. Making friends here is easy, and everyone is outdoors all the time, which I love. Kodak and I are building a really nice life, and I'm not sure I'll ever leave.

If you don't feel passionate about your life path and another opportunity presents itself, take it! I never saw myself living in the mountains until I said "why not?" and took the risk. Not every day is as amazing as the next, but that's life. I'm glad I chose to go on this adventure. I've never felt more independent and confident in myself in my life, and NYC is waiting for me when I'm ready.

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Never Take the First Opportunity
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