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Never Give up on Your Dreams

Life Story

Hey there guys,

I don’t know exactly how this works but I’m going to go with my instinct and say what I feel is right.

My name is Miguel and I love to share my producer name DR33MR (Dreamer) with other people so they get to know my artist side.

I chose the name DR33MR because I’ve always loved the concept of fighting for your dreams no matter what. In today’s life, a lot of us have given up on all our passions and dreams just because nobody believed in us and that we could make it but most importantly, we didn’t believe in ourselves. I say “we” because I love to think of the human society as brothers and sisters who just have a different path in life, yet we are all looking for the same thing no matter what. That one thing is happiness.

For most of the people, dreams are just fantasies and just things that “we wish” to do but decided to end up working at a place that would just give us the necessary to support ourselves financially and our family. Sometimes the workplace may not even be the happiest place where you’ll be, but you’re stuck being unhappy there just because it makes you “good” money. 

In my opinion, we should all be willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes for that one passion or dream, even if we must work somewhere we don’t want to be. That means, one should not forget about what makes them truly happy just because life is comfortable the way it is and you’re getting money, resolving your day to day problems, expenses, bills, etc. It’s always best to have something stable than to not have anything to support yourself with or your family. In the meantime of that progress, you should always be working on the side and keep on planning how to execute that one dream or passion that at the end of the day could probably get you out of that suffering in that job and you’ll be happy because you’re making a living out of it.

Going back to my producer name though... I always have had this big desire to become a famous producer and DJ for big festivals. I’ve longed to be able to share my precious music that I spent days and sleepless nights just to be able to share a life story through each and every single one of my tracks. Each track has a deep meaning because of all the hard phases in life that came across while I was in the process of finishing it. It’s not like one day I sat down, started a beat, and next two days or three, a track is done. No, because the truth is that while I was making that single track, I was going through rough times. I felt like giving up, I felt like there was no light at the end of that tunnel so I could breath, and all of that just kept on pushing me bringing me down. The only thing that kept me going was music. Every time I finish that one track, I feel alive, accomplished, and complete. That’s the reason why I carry that big cheesy smile in my face in this cover picture. If I don’t finish it, it’s the worse feeling ever. Almost feeling like your life has no meaning, as extreme as it sounds in my way of expressing myself. 

My point is that I want to be able to be a motivation to all of those who are still wondering what to do with their life and feel lost. I want them to be able to get up and get out of that comfort zone and say, “I’m done with this freaking comfort zone and unhappiness. I will make changes in my life for the better and for my own benefit and happiness. I know I can do it and I know I will achieve it because I’m a DREAMER and I BELIEVE in myself.” 

That’s the point of my music, to tell a story through those sounds, special FX, pumping percussion, and help everybody by communicating my stories, thoughts, and feelings through what I do best and through what I am the most happiest person and artist that I am. Always declare what you are and what you want to be in life so the universe hears it and feels your desire to want to be that one thing. If only you put your heart, your faith, and your mind to it, YOU. WILL. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

I’m DR33MR and I hope I can help someone out there to motivate themselves while I keep on fighting for my biggest dream in life.

Never give up on your dreams and...

Stay DR33MY.

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Never Give up on Your Dreams
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