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The Thing That Drives People Today

Negativity is toxic. For some reason, today's world echoes a tremendous amount of negativity and hatred. Everyone hates everybody. Everybody has an issue with someone for something. This is what drives peoples days and energies. This creates mutual destruction amongst people within relationships and daily lives. 

Negativity is toxic. This past year I've come across so much hatred for absolutely no reason. I gained about 10 pounds; "Oh, you're fat now." I started breaking out after a couple sugar cravings; "Oh, look your face is breaking out you have acne, oh no!!" My friends started to work on themselves; "Oh, she and she looks better than you now, haha." I got a job; "Oh no, you're making money now. How much do you make?" WHYYY? Why so much negativity?

Listen guys, this world is going to want to break you. This world is gonna do everything to bring you down. It's you and only you that could fight it. Be a warrior. Never give up on your struggles. Fight and work on it. Work on improving yourself instead of bashing others for your inner issues. I promise you, you won't regret it. 

I've come to realize that not everyone is happy for you. Not everyone wants the best for you. When people see you doing good, they bash on you because there's something that you have which they don't. When people hate on you it's because they hate themselves. You clearly are doing something that they aren't for them to bash on you with hateful comments. When you're too happy, you won't have time to spread hate towards others. You'll be too busy enjoying the happy things in your life. So, when some one hates. It's never your fault! It's not your fault people are insecure of themselves. Never take their opinions to heart.

If something does make you insecure, work on it. Don't consume others' negativity and hold that against yourself instead of being happy. When you take what people say to heart, you will feel stressed out for no reason. You don't deserve to be unhappy over what others hold against. You only have one life so why not live it right? Who cares what people say about you? Why do their opinions matter? Who are they to judge you?

There are always going to be some sort of negativity in your life. If you do experience hatred—ignore it! Seriously, put it in one ear and take it out of the other. If you still feel blue from what others say, here are some ways to help you release those negative emotions:

  1. Talk to someone about what you just went through. Go to someone you trust & who will listen to you talk. Talk it out. It will help a lot. 
  2. If you don't have anyone to talk to, write it down. Get it all down on paper to release all your feelings and emotions. The more you write about it, the better you will feel. 
  3. After you let it out, do something for yourself. Take a hot bath. Watch a good movie. Go sweat it out with a quick run or head to the gym. Go to a boxing class. Put on a mask and read a self-help book to motivate you. Sing/dance til you drop. Pamper yourself. Do something that will help uplift your mood. 
  4. If any of this doesn't work, cry it out. I'm serious. Cry it out. Have a couple tissue boxes and cry until you no longer feel any ways about what just happened in your life. Release all the negative energy stored within you. That energy was never meant to be inside you anyways. Just get it over with and ball til you have no more tears!
  5. Work on whatever it is you feel insecure about. Work on improving yourselves and your confidence levels. The more happy and confident you are, no one could break you! Build your own empire and it won't break! Work on the things you could change. If you can't, that is okay! Accept the fact that you could no longer change it and let it go. Remember, no one is perfect! Love yourself no matter how you look, how people see you, or what others say.