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My 10 Year Plan for the Future

Plans aren't always successful.

Hopes for the Next 10 Years

I have quite a few serious hopes I would love to be fulfilled within the next ten years. They all start with getting the most secured health insurance plan that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to pay for and help me get all the care I need with my autoimmune deficiency. Then I'd love to get financially stable so I wouldn't have to worry about having a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and clothes on my body. But, that would all mean I'd have a really good long-term job; it's not easy getting anything when you have no high school diploma, GED, college degree, or any other kind of proof of higher education. I also hope to gain a few friendships somewhere along the way, some long and some short, just enough so I'm not stuck with family all the time... Family can be nice and all but, after a while, I need some fresh blood in my social circle. And there's nothing more than wishing for my cat to live a good long life, at least 18 years—she's too special for me to lose sooner than that.

Dreams for the Next 10 Years

My dreams are a little weird. I dream every day to live in a roundhouse or a hill-like home. They would help me feel more homely and less boxed in like regular homes. Then I dream to have it rest on a good six to ten acres of land I can call my own. That'll also hold a two-acre catio just for my darling cat and future cats. I would love to aim for a cure for my autoimmune disability, MBL2, and not have to worry about falling ill any time soon; and that'll continue to be a dream for as long as I shall live. There's nothing more I dream about than having my novels out there in the world, giving people a riveting time in imagination and imagery. And that'll fall in with a couple of fashion lines for those who like to mix, match, and even use in more than one way.

Expectations for the Next 10 Years

There are things I've learned not to expect and things I'd much rather not come to expect. There will be a whole lot of struggling. As there has been for quite some time. A lot of ups and downs to the point where insanity wouldn't seem implausible. I would have to put a whole lot of hard work into keeping me both sane and on top of all my hopes and dreams. I don't have a whole lot of positive expectations. I know for sure there's going to be more loss than anything I can merit. And more aches and pains. And then in the end, as I hope and dream, a lot of success. Each will have to do with how I prepare myself.

Recap for the Next 10 Years

Hopes include health insurance, financial stability, long-term job, friendships, and a long life for my cat. Just a small sense of being able to live on my own without a whole lot of dependability. I'd also love to make sure I can support more than just myself at some point in time. Dreams would detail a roundhouse or hill-like home, six to nine acres of land with two acres free for the cat, a cure for MBL2, my novels to sell, and a successful clothing line. Expectations would be fruitless without a whole lot of struggling, ups and downs, some loss, a massive dose of aches and pains, and finally success. It will be a lot for me to be where I'd like to be and I definitely don't want to wind up like the majority of my family.

Sadee Frye
Sadee Frye

I'm Sadee Frye, or by preference, Ady Frogle. I'm a 19 year old (NB/Ace/Aro) currently living with my parents due to health. I'm an avid writer and often times super opinionated. I love to tell stories and what's on my mind. 

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My 10 Year Plan for the Future
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