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Must-Have Apps to Become Your Best Self

You're only a few downloads away from a new you. These are the top ten apps to become your best self.

We look at our phones about 85 times throughout our day. As a device that can be used as an extremely beneficial tool for becoming our best self, we should be constantly taking advantage of this. To start, consider the app store. 

There are tons of apps that are geared toward motivating, organizing, and improving your health that you should give a shot. We have created the ultimate list of the top 10 apps to become your best self. You're just a few downloads away from a new you. 


We have all had moments in our lives where we feel stuck. However, most people would consider this a negative moment in our life, but Unstuck considers it to be a positive signal. The app is made to nudge its users toward something better.

As one of the best apps to become your best self, the app gives you the tools to get unstuck in your life, and push you toward the next big step. Whether your strategy is looking at your situation from a different angle, trying something new, or sort out what's important to you, each of these methods are important to thinking creatively and differently, so you can move on with your life, in the right direction. 


Taking the path to becoming your best self doesn't have to be serious and boring at all times. There needs to be a balance of fun experiences to have a well-rounded life. That's why Headout is one of the best apps to become your best self. As an app to discover the best experiences around you spontaneously, you can find events in your city of all sorts. 

This includes concerts, shows, movies, tours, parks, you name it. Exploring the possibilities around you is made easier with this app, as you are always three taps away from your next experience. 

Sleepy Cycle

Getting a good night's sleep can lead to endless possibilities of benefits. Sleep Cycle is one of the best ways to analyze your cycle and have you waking up feeling well rested every morning. The app is an intelligent alarm clock that will take every factor of the way that you sleep and wake you up during your lightest sleep phase. 

This allows you to have a relaxing and gentle wake each morning. Plus, it will track each of your nights, and will allow you to pattern your phases and ranges of deep sleep, plus sleep quality. The longer you use it, the more beneficial it will be. 


Habit-Bull has taken the process of habit-forming, and made it into a proactive process that you will incorporate into your life to improve your lifestyle. As one of the best apps to become your best self, this app will transform a thought into reality, with some hard work. 

The process includes motivational reminders to keep at your task, and ultimately turn in into a habit. You will reach each of your goals with the help of this simple app. Plus, you can even use the app to break bad habits and track your progress. 


We all know that drinking water is important to our minds, our bodies, and our health. But, we often drop the ball when it comes to implementing this into our lifestyles. Having an app that is specific to one need is just want we want, and WaterIn is just that. 

As a simple app that will send you reminders to drink water, we could all use this to become a better version of ourselves. You can decide how often it will remind you, and alter this by day. It's that simple; and you'll feel healthier after just a few days.


As one of the best fitness apps to become your best self, MyFitnessPal is a classic tool to reach your goals. As a perfect way to start a new diet or fitness plan, the app can help you lose weight, tone up, or just simply feel healthier. 

Known most for its calorie counter, there are many other aspects of the app that will help you meet each of your individual goals. Plus, feeling the need to record your food intake as well as your daily exercise is motivation alone to make healthier choices. 


As one of the best home cleaning and organizational apps on the app store, BrightNest has all of your home maintenance needs in one convenient space. 

As a way to keep track of all the things you need to get done around the house, the app also provides tips and tricks for keeping things organized the best way possible. Maintain a routine and forget feeling unorganized with just one simple download. 


Talkspace is one of the best apps to become your best self for many reasons. As an app that brings therapy to your phone, how much more convenient can you get? 

It's much more affordable than signing up for face-to-face therapy, you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home, and its a great way to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, illness, and just life issues. Intrigued? Give it a shot for yourself. It might be your saving grace. 


30/30 has such a simple concept, but it will change your daily routine for the better. The app is used to count down the time that you should use to complete a task. The home screen represents the amount remaining, and will help speed your process along. 

This is used mostly for a morning routine, or for anything that you must complete for a deadline. With an easy to use format, the app will keep you on time with each use. Plus, starting your day off with a morning routine that is quick and beneficial can help you make the most of your day. 


Last, but not least, on our list of the best apps to become your best self is Happier. Happier will do just what it sounds like it will. As a way to remind you to think positively and stay present day to day, the app is meant specifically to lift your spirits when you need it. 

This is done with your own mindfulness coach and can be used differently with everyone's preferences and needs. Who doesn't need a little extra nudge toward a more positive lifestyle? This app is meant just for that. 

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Must-Have Apps to Become Your Best Self
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