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Making 2019 Your BEST Year Yet

Take control of your reality, your prosperity, and your evolution this year using The Law of Attraction.

How often do we maintain our New Year's Resolutions? For most, we can endure the change for a few weeks, maybe a month, before slipping back into our old habits. But why is this? Why would committing to something that is beneficial to us be a burden instead of a priority?

Perhaps it is because some of these resolutions are influenced by societal norms as opposed to being influenced by the passions of your Soul. What if this year your most prioritized resolution was to be happy? Even if that means making hard decisions that would free you from a toxic relationship, friendship, or career. Even if it means finally taking absolute responsibility for your role in creating your reality. 

We are not victims, nor do we have to feel trapped or hopeless. At any moment we can choose to stand in our power and begin moving in a direction that makes us happy with the life we are living. Jump back into the driver's seat of your life and start making some executive decisions that will change your life in ways that you currently merely dream of. You have the courage, the motivation, and the inspiration... It's deep inside of you and has been patiently waiting for you to tap into your full potential. 

So how does The Law of Attraction work?

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that is constant and absolute. When we begin to understand that each emotion has a frequency, as do thoughts, we can correlate that negative emotions and thoughts vibrate at lower frequencies as positive emotions carry higher frequencies. So in every single moment, you are communicating with the Universe—sending out frequencies that will return to you as people and events that will occur in your reality. So if you feel that most people are dishonest, you are likely to encounter mostly dishonest people. If you feel that you are undeserving of certain things, you are telling the Universe that you do not deserve it and are not ready to receive it. This can be observed when you watch someone who is having a particularly bad day. The more they complain or give attention to what could go wrong, it seems more and more things continue to go wrong for them. Consider yourself a magnet for all things that match your frequency, negative or positive. 

You and only you can master your emotions and reactions. You and only you can overcome your doubts and limiting beliefs. You and only you know without a shadow of a doubt what it is that your Soul is passionate about, what you long to be pursuing. I know taking control can look intimidating, and change can be terrifying but if you don't create the life you want for yourself, there is no one else that will. 

Many of us block our blessings without even realizing that is what we are doing. We pray for assistance and when it comes in the form of another human helping us we are so quick to refuse the help. Either we are too prideful or we truly feel like a burden or undeserving of the assistance. Open yourself up to receiving, and when The Universe tries to gift you—accept it with gratitude. Stand in your fierce courage and allow the changes you desire to flow into your life. You don't have to change everything at once, or exhaust yourself. Live in the flow, allow yourself to enjoy life, and life will always be conspiring to become more enjoyable for you.

You are in control. Grab the reins and don't let go.

"Some won't like seeing you evolve—evolve anyway."

Have a magical New Year. 

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Making 2019 Your BEST Year Yet
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