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Magic in the Mundane

Allowing Your Passion to Become Your Purpose

'The Open Palm' Podcast is available on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple podcasts.

Have you ever experienced times of excitement and inspiration when starting a new task only to have it soon leave you?  Have you ever been motivated in a new direction only to stop when it got boring or tiring?  Know that you are not alone and that many others have gone through the same feelings in the pursuit of their dreams.  

One night I talked to a lady at the 99 cent store named Joyce.  I was purchasing a plant to see if I could take care of it.  I have never personally taken care of a plant before and I was interested.  I asked her for advice and she said that she used to have many plants of her own but they all eventually withered and died.  She explained that you're happy when you start but, after a while, it gets boring and then you stop and they die. "So, don't give up!" she said. 

I took this to mean that whatever dreams, goals, and aspirations we have in our lives must be watered to be maintained.  Before we see any progress, we must care for our dreams.  Not only must we water them but we must water them every day.  When things get boring or we feel tired, that is when we must dig deep to find meaning and keep going regardless.

Our feelings will often betray us.  We don't always feel motivated.  In order for our dreams to survive and thrive, it takes more than motivation.  In fact, motivation can often feel like rocket fuel.  It gets you going quickly but burns out just as quickly.  In order to keep that fire burning, it takes drive.  It takes a sense of higher purpose.  If we can find a deeper meaning to what we are driving towards we can keep going even when we don't want to. 

Having a clear and defined dream or purpose also means that we get up with more vigor and life than if we merely have a job.  One of my friends tells me all the time that when you allow your passion to become your purpose, it will one day become your profession.  Imagine having that dream job or profession you always wanted.  Would you truly be tired?  Sure, you would eventually need rest but for the most part you would feel as though you truly had a reason to be alive.

I am starting to learn that successful people are just like you and me.  They feel the same feelings.  They get bored.  They feel fear.  They don't always want to keep going.  The difference is that successful people keep going regardless of their feelings.  They have the same 24 hours in a day just like us, and they use the hours to their full potential.  Also, for the most part, it seems people who succeed have locked in to their goals by writing them down and setting expectations.  It is easier to hit a target when you're aiming at it.  

Strive to start by making a point to do just one thing each day that will further your dream.  Just one. It is easier to crunch it down into smaller bites than to try and take it all at once.  Remember that your consistency will eventually create the confidence that will lead you to competence.  Consistency, in my opinion, is the key that will open many locks.  Activate confidence in your life by taking action! 

In your journey you will encounter many setbacks but, as my friend always says, setbacks are not IN the way they're ON the way.  Be encouraged to revive your dream if you have to by writing it down and designing your life on purpose.  Remind yourself why you started in the first place. Use inspiration as a launching point but don't expect it to sustain you. Allow your passion to become your purpose and keep watering my friend!

Find me on Twitter and Instagram: @jromeshaw

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Jerome Shaw
Jerome Shaw

I am a Blogger/Podcaster currently living in Los Angeles. All my life I've been inspired by others and I strive to be that for you. If I can spark even one person to become their greatest version, I know that one day you will do the same.

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