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Lighten Up Morgan!

A Moment to Myself to See the Light in My Situation. an Offering to People like Me Who Carry a Seriousness with Them to Chill...

Image Credit: To Esperanza Spalding looking light and free...

When I started finding out my personality of an INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging) I realize now that I was lost. I lost myself in the weight of carrying all of the struggles, and anger of my ancestors and community. I tend to carry them with me when I walk outside in the world. I see from their eyes in a way. It seems fantastical, but as an old soul I see young students on my campus, walking in their pairs of four, so stiff, so serious, so concerned on being seen. I was just like that before at their age. The level of growth from 18 to 21 that I have made seems tremendous to me mentally and in the way I walk through life. I want to take time to give thanks to my family and close friends that have been here supporting me in my journey. When you live in your head, sometimes it is hard to find those happy places when you have given yourself permission to be your harshest critic. 

It seems that time to give to your passions dwindles if you let it. But, also we have an obligation to use our time as we choose. Tonight, I choose to continue to learn and grow. I affirm that I let go of any past hurt to myself, or that other people inflicted upon me. I often live in a space where I tend to hold so much anger against my "oppressors," but if I live in that space, (which I have been for years and years) I am shutting out my source of light. I loved to donate to charities and causes, and give my time to organizations and intellects that resonated with me! I am on a journey into a spirituality that is peaceful for me. I am on a journey to find happiness and love in myself. My offering to the world is to find your light spot. My light spot used to be based on the happiness and infatuation of other people that I deified. When I was worshipping these "false idols" I was only doing a disservice to myself. It is sort of like a parasite. Letting someone suck you dry, letting the hope of love, the following, the chase, the drive for more and more consume you. 

I claim that now whenever I want to fall into my old traps that I will take time out like I am now, to just do what makes me happy. Find my peace in writing, music, positivity, make wishes, send positivity into the world from my words, sing songs that I like, give my "wisdom" to others, walk a little lighter, hug myself, be grateful for the body that continues to breed life, be thankful for more chances to make mistakes, more changes to learn, more willingness to be more of my true self in the world. I used to live in a space where I was so consumed with how the outside world would perceive me, until I fell in love. Love will humble you down, to who you really are and make you sit in it. Love will ground you, and if you thought you were immune to emotions show you that you are truly just a human. Love shows you that you do belong. I fell in love with love this year on the continuation of my spiritual journey. My advice to myself and other hardened folks: 

1. Chill

You only are doing a disservice to your spirit when you are constantly uptight or on guard. The best moments in life happen when you let yourself BREATHE and tell yourself that you are okay just as you are. 

2.) Do something that makes you uncomfortable.

Many say that we should just stay in our comfort zone... BUT I am a proponent of spontaneity: If you do something the same way, everyday how will you be able to tell Monday from Tuesday from Wednesday... 

3.) Focus & read a book.

I can tell you as a fact that if you end your night reading a book instead of surfing the internet you can fall into a gentle unstimulated sleep. It seems that our brains can't relax nowadays because we are so pent-up and we are so stimulated on our computers and phones! Read what you are into... self-help, science fiction, historical fiction, the dictionary... Do you! 

4.) Metta

Tell yourself that you love yourself! I know that we live in a selfie and "Me" generation. A lot of times it is like we are being bombarded with people trying to one-up each other, trying to get the last word in, we need to sit down and really think, "Who am I, and do I love how I am existing in this world today?" I tell myself, "I am lovable, I am happy and healthy, I love my voice and body." I am being coached currently by a very wise woman! And I am finally feeling better after heartbreak now. (It has been months.)

5.) FINALLY, I was reading a post from fellow Vocal writer XYLA Royals in Motivation called "Positivity Hour." First you should check it out...

Second: Take one hour, or as much free time as you can to speak into your life what you want and desire. It is similar to Metta except this can be love, money, a job, good friends. This truly does work. I will give a short anecdote that, "I would write dreams and wishes for love and attraction on a piece of paper, and place it in my pillow at night before I slept. I wished for love and I attracted my first love into my life within a matter of months! It was one of the most beautiful, and terrifying experiences in my life that I am so grateful for." You don't have to be so hard! Soften up! Being soft can feel good! You deserve to give yourself space to stretch out and relax, you are going to be here for a while!

Much love to all of my readers!!… and if no one told you today, I love you <3 <3 <3

To end here is a song to meditate on: It is called "I Am Light" by India.Arie:

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Lighten Up Morgan!
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